Friday, October 23, 2009

Best time of year
This is seriously what my back yard looks like. All of it. It's beautiful. I love the trees, and I love the rain we have.
I just sent off a partial request. Fingers crossed. (Or they would be, if I could get my stomach to calm down.)
So. I'm reading Leviathan, by Scott Westerfield. It's very good. This is it's cover.
This is what came up when I googled 'Leviathan.'
Anyway. I found that remarkably cool.
This would be longer, but my friend is having a bonfire and I have to go get ready. YAY! Bon fire! Smores! Fire! Lots of loud, insane people! And . . . chocolate strawberries? Yes, those too, because she is just that cool.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not fond of this sick thing

I admit it. I've been kind of blase about the whole swine flu thing. And yeah, I probably don't have that. (Note that the doctor's said probably. I didn't even think about it until she said something like 96% chance not. Thank you for that four percent chance.)
But holy monkeys, the normal flu this year? It is bad.
On one hand, though, I've been working on revisions a LOT. I thought it would be easy. Cut, chop, be done.
Very wrong. Everything ties so well together that by cutting three chapters, I have to add in other place, and cut in other places, and basically sew it together.
I do like it better now, though.
I'm cutting long, long wordy passages, and it kind of hurts. They're pretty, but they're boring. Kind of like some celebrities. I don't want my book to be a boring celebrity. I want it to be a Miley Cyrus.
Either you love her, or you hate her, but very rarely to people just give up bored. Also, she's remarkably pretty, and sparkly.
(Random note. It was kind of hard to find a good picture with clothes on, and no mean comments added.)
So, anyway. That's my two cents. Being sick stinks, and books should be like Miley Cyrus.
I think I'm on too much medication.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revisions are my life

Delete Chapter One.
Delete Chapter Two.
Delete Chapter Three.
Rewrite one through four.
Delete bits of revision.
Add an explosion.
Splice Chapter Five, Six and Seven together.
Chapter Eight is now Chapter Five.
Revisions are my new life.
But I think they might be done by Sunday, if I write like a maniac.
(Note the maniac part in particular.)
The one good thing? I am watching so much less television.
Now, because it's a short post....

Because this is a television show I make time for. (Vampire Diaries.) Because the actors are remarkably good for a vampire television show, and because I am way jealous of that dress and those shoes. And the hair. Oh, and the boyfriend. And....You get the picture.
I'm off to seven hours I must wake up.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Like Heaven, except less guys

My local Borders long ago lost my respect when I realized the religion section was three times as large as the young adult, twice as big as the science fiction, and only about half as small as the romance. (Possibly this might be a bit exaggerating.) However, it has gained it back.
By becoming Young Adult reader heaven.
Don't I wish.
Well, it's almost that good. I bought four different YA books; no doubt I'll blog about them later. I don't want to put them here in case they end up being something I dislike. It was seriously beautiful though-five huge bookshelves filled, with something other than Twilight and the Pendragon series. While I like both, I get a bit sick of them.
On another, more random note;

Isn't it cool? You can find them here. They're from Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series. If they weren't over fifty bucks, I would probably have one. However, I'm a teenager and have decided to save my money after realizing that all the colleges I like are 50 grand a year.
(Enter image of me choking.)
Then, there's this-Scrivener.
It's a writing software that looks supremely cool. I'm asking for a new program for Christmas. Unfortunately, that one only runs on Macs, because it's by far the coolest I've seen. It does digital sticky notes, snapshots, all sorts of interesting, awesome things. I love my Dell computer, though.
Off to finish Chapter Ten now . . . Or read . . . . Or research college.
I'm going to chose reading or writing, actually. If I do that, then I won't have to go crawl into a corner of emo.