Friday, November 25, 2011

It's totally awesome -- or, um, not

Hello and good morning, my lovelies! How are you? Good? That's good. Applying to college? (I'm so sorry. It's almost over; the last applications are almost all gone.) To my fellow Americans, I hope you enjoyed a healthy coma of carbs and tryptophan. To those across the world, I offer you this. Because why not.
(I wish I could cook.) (No, seriously. My friends and I tried to fry chicken the other day, and it ended with me sitting on a counter at a safe distance.) (I am obviously a bad American.)
Anyway. As the holidays set in, college searches start to solidify, and debate picks up, my life is in a pattern of complicated comfort. Obviously, this a problem. At all times, something should be stressful. So, last night, I decided to Black Friday Shop.
That's what I thought it was like. She looks happy. Happy, but stressed, which, sure, I'm cool with. But I didn't understand what it truly means to Black Friday Shop.
If you've done this, you understand why I capitalized that.
So, we've all had that moment. The one where you get pumped up. You drink coffee, you tap your feet, you wait and you bounce in anticipation for the moment. (Or, in my case, you get together with friends, you go to dinner, and you goof around a lot while waiting.)
And then the moment totally sucks.
For some of us, it came with the first onscreen appearance of unfortunate sparkling vampires. For others, it was at the release of the final Hunger Games, or the final Harry Potter. Personally, I got through Twilight with a fair bit of amusement, and I cried a satisfying amount through both of the aforementioned books. So it was time to be disappointed and horrified. It was coming. I should have known.
Shopping was crazy. People are crazy. I understand mobs now. Granted, we watched from afar (casually sitting on a bench while people ran by) but it was still very different than expected, and ultimately, rather horrible to watch. (Victoria's Secret, man. People in there are on missions, and they shall not be distracted.)
So, what's up with you guys? Black Friday stories? Stories of disappointment? Holiday happiness? Open reign.