Saturday, March 31, 2012

And So the Games Go

Hello, darlings!
Debate is officially done for the season, and my senior year is now winding down. I am a two time national qualifier, I am accepted into college, and I have now gone a month without drinking soda. And now that I have informed you of my recent (and obviously very impressive) accomplishments, I can move on to the more fascinating parts of life!

Have you seen it? (Why haven't you? Seriously. Go, now.) (Seriously. Look at this.)
I love the Hunger Games with a vaguely unhealthy passion. They are some of my favorite books, and Catching Fire is probably one of my top three. In an abnormal fashion, the movie ended up exceeding my expectations. 
(Granted, that might be in large part due to the fact that Josh Hutcherson is incredibly cute.)
Seriously, though. The special effects were really good. The script kept close to the book, and I found the filming style interesting. I really like Jennifer Lawrence and the soundtrack has a great song from Maroon Five. Plus, there's this:
For now, that's basically it. In the meanwhile, listen to this!

More later!