Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Revisions are my life

Delete Chapter One.
Delete Chapter Two.
Delete Chapter Three.
Rewrite one through four.
Delete bits of revision.
Add an explosion.
Splice Chapter Five, Six and Seven together.
Chapter Eight is now Chapter Five.
Revisions are my new life.
But I think they might be done by Sunday, if I write like a maniac.
(Note the maniac part in particular.)
The one good thing? I am watching so much less television.
Now, because it's a short post....

Because this is a television show I make time for. (Vampire Diaries.) Because the actors are remarkably good for a vampire television show, and because I am way jealous of that dress and those shoes. And the hair. Oh, and the boyfriend. And....You get the picture.
I'm off to sleep....in seven hours I must wake up.....

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