Saturday, January 8, 2011

And onward we go

So, we are officially a week into the New Year of 2011, and so far, things seem to basically be the same. Good books, too much debate, not enough sparkles, dramatic high school moments that will totally be a book someday, and waaaaaay too much math.
(Seriously. This math stuff needs to stop.)
Anyway. With the new year, new worlds are supposed to open. We're supposed to be new people, shinier, sparklier, smarter. So far, I haven't seen it. But hey, 2010 was kind of awesome. I got Top Five on inkpop, got to meet so many cool people through this blog, got my driver's licence (which, um, is kind of a miracle) and realized my true love for coffee. All in all, a win. 
I am not a resolution kind of person. I go into debate tournaments planning on failing miserably. That way, when I walk out with a trophy, I've been happily surprised. That way, when I crash and burn, I can joke about it without hurting my pride too badly. (Hey, I'm 16. Pride is important to me.) (Well. Kind of . . . Actually, not really.)
I like being surprised. I never would have guessed that 2010 would have had so many weird, awful, wonderful turns and twists. It makes sense, I guess -- a good story isn't predictable, so why would life be any different? 
So, a week into 2011, I have finally figured that the only real resolution I have is to keep having fun. Even through the crappy moments, the bad boy stuff, the dramatic friend moments, the writing lows, and the reading slumps, I loved this last year. I plan on liking this next one, too. Heck -- in 2012, I'm done with high school, so I'd better enjoy my last year of free education and cliched moments while I can.
However, I might possibly do more of my math homework this year. 
(Probably not, though.)
What about you all? Resolutions? Anit-resolutions? Thoughts on last year, next year? A mutual hatred of that evil thing called math?
Also. As my farewell gift to 2010, a few things that seem to illustrate my blog posts of the last year:

Cute furry thing. Cute shirtless thing. Sparkly pretty thing.
Yup. That pretty much says it all.
More later.


Aspen said...

I did a blog post of resolutions, and one of them is exactly that, blog more often.

Just check it ^^

Cipherqueen said... that January's over, I feel like I've lost the forest for the trees. I WANT 2011 to be a good year- scratch that- an awesome year, but who can say at this point?

I personally told myself last year to go after every popculture-obssessed fantasy now so I don't try it when I'm fifty. (Because then, you just feel like a loser, and while you're a teen, people laugh and call you brave.)

Now that it's the weekend after finals (and for the first time in 18 weeks I have this abstract concept known as FREE TIME) I've turned back to writing. And reading. I still feel... conflicted.

My Brain: "STOP! You've already hit your mid-life crisis in 10th grade! Do NOT start up another one in 11th grade!"

So, I suppose that makes my New Year's Resolution to think less. Why is that so hard?

...I blame math...

Sam said...

Aspen: I did. Very nice. :P

Cipherqueen: I want it to be good, too. Positive thinking!
-grins- Thinking less is way hard. IT's because we like sitting in room by ourselves, writing stories. It requires a lot of alone time. :P