Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where is it?

Monkeys and pandas and sparkles, oh my! This month has presented flowers and candy and books and way too much debate and not enough writing -- but also pretty trophies, which makes the world sparklier. Also, here. Have a monkey.
And now that I've shown off pictures of animals, let's talk about hunting. No, not the fluffy. Hunting for time.
Time management is something that, while imperative, doesn't just happen. My way of dealing? Avoid chemistry homework and go to the library -- go to the library, A LOT. More studying happens there. That said, I'm still not writing as much as I'd like to; I'm getting some, but too often this seems to happen.
Except, well, when I fall asleep outside, I end up covered in nasty ugly bug bites. And my messy hair isn't nearly that cute.
So what do you do for time? Any hints on hunting it down? Or perhaps some hair care advice? I would love either.
More later. Promise!


Cipherqueen said...

Um... the most hated word in the world: sacrifices

So, Chem's finally killing you? (cue evil laugh)

I gave up: TV, internet, and reading for a 4.2 GPA (This is practically unheard of at my school- it does not have nearly enough classes.)

Seriously. My mom and I almost never talk (and we're the only two people in the house now) because I'm always in my room with AP Chem HW and my other classes/responsibilities. It's sad, because this is the year that everyone suddenly wants to be social, and, of course, I have no time.

Other items on time management:
1) See how late you can stay up without consequences...
2) Plan homework by the week first, then by the day; pile up on non-debate/non-activity days
3) Um... slack off. Really. That one class the teacher always gives you class time to work on assignments in? Use it. The easy A? A few homework assignments won't send you into the wastebasket.

So. That's my survival strategy. With 2 hours of AP chem HW EVERY, SINGLE, NIGHT. Grrr. Plus Eng. Math History Drama(memorization HW there) and occasional ASL HW.

Oh, and feel lucky. You don't have a 20-hour spring break assignment for a 1 week break. (An all-inclusive package with 10 non-cheatable tests and notes on 6 chapters!)

*sigh* Is it sad that I love that class still? :/

Sam said...

-bleck- It is a hated word, isn't it?
Sleep is dying slowly. Homework in easy classes gets shoved aside.
What's the spring break assignment? It sounds totally evil. (AND OMG I HATE CHEM SO BAD.)

Maggie said...

Um. My time management secret: stare at wall and create frown lines, while thinking about all the things you need to do, but don't want to do. Aka, just stare at wall. Just Stare At Wall. Everyday.

Hair secrets: CHOP IT ALL OFF. I hate hair. (Although yours is shiny and red, and would be a waste of prettiness.)

Hope I helped! *scowls like the angry person I am*

cipherqueen said...

The assignment is all about Lewis acid and base reactions, diprotic and amprotic molecules, and exceptions the the periodic trends. As stated above, I am to 1) take notes on the chapters, 2) take the online quizes, 3) and complete the 24 exercises in the take-home UCEH (Ultimate Chemical Equations Handbook) for the aforementioned chapters.

*crashes head down on desk* 1/2 of the notes are completed, 20 out of 24 exercises done.

Then the lingering thought...

...oh. I still have to read THE GRAPES OF WRATH and analyze it down to the molecule.

But I have chocolate! *goes on an energy rush*

Aspen said...

I'm really, really good at managing time. I mean REALLY. My schedules are color coded and coordinated and planned down to MINUTES. And it all works out perfectly - on paper.

But am I good at following those plans? Na-ah.

But I have to make these plans, I make them obsessively. I usually have to buy a new day planner by July just because the one I've used since January is basically falling apart. It's actually sad how much time I spend planning my time (ooh maybe I should start coordinating that time into the schedule! *claps*)

But like I said, I'm not good at following them. I never follow them down to the minute. I follow maybe about half of what I plan. But my plans are still important because by having planned everything PERFECTLY, I do way more than I would without them, if you get what I'm saying.

As for haircare? ^^

Don't wash it more than 2-3 times a week. No kidding. Shampoo doesn't treat your hair very well. It might be oily the first couple of weeks while it's getting used to not being washed as often, but then it'll look much better because the shampoo isn't drying it out. On non-washing days, just use conditioner while you're in the shower. You should also use deep conditioner 2-3 times a week, preferably after you wash it, and preferably keep the deep conditioner in over night. And brush often, every day. Don't blow dry or straighten or curl your hair unless it's a special occasion. Always let it air dry. To keep it from tangling and daily wear and tear keep it in a bun or braid ^^

OK officially longest comment ever. I should have just blogged. I'll stop now.

Aspen said...

and also, never brush your hair while wet!