Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Summer

Guys, I know I'm a bad blogger. I'm sorry. Seriously, I am. Very, very sorry.
But, um, I do have good news!
So, I entered for the chance to be in a writing camp back in Febuary. The camp looked seriously fantastic; awesome teachers, awesome people, chance of a lifetime, blah blah blah. Only problem? I've never written short stories; I've never written hard science fiction, which is what I would need to enter the camp. Competition to get in is relatively fierce, but I sent in a story anyway, figuring well, what the heck.
And. I. Got. In.
And guess what?
Tamora Pierce is one of the teachers.
Tamora. Freaking. Pierce.
Granted, all of the teachers are amazing. The link up above can show you them. Beyond that, I'll get to go to a writing conference. But the chance to meet -- and learn from!! -- Tamora Pierce?
I believe the exact response I have was acakasfalskfboasfasda.
My love for Tamora Pierce is probably unhealthy. It's been blogged about here and here.
And now I get to meet her.
Anyway. More later, promise. I just wanted to share my excitement. Also, poke in my head and promise that Chemistry might have swallowed part of my soul, but I am resilient and will always come back to blog.
(Yeah. We'll pretend that wasn't weird.)


KrazyK said...

Um, that's kind of amazing. So jealous of you right now! Kudos to you for even sending in a story, and now you get to go and meet all those awesome people! Congratulations :D

cipherqueen said...

Short stories were never my thing either, but I didn't even have to guts to apply, so kudos for you! Have a blast over there (it should be coming up real fast, if I remember correctly).