Thursday, September 15, 2011

College application, why you so mean?

Hello, friends. How's life? Do you still have hair? Yes? That's lovely. I, in the midst of applying to college, am going to lose all of mine. That's basically just decided. It's quite sad, too, because I'm ginger and we're a dying breed -- my hair loss, thus, will have horrific ramifications to world diversity.
...Er. Right. (I promise, I'm smart! Just don't look at my math grades...)
But seriously. I shall mourn my hair.
-admires the Ginger-
Amid the endless panic attack marvelous adventures of making perhaps the most important decision of my teenage life, I've spent a lot of time on the Common App. Essays are fine; I don't mind those. I try not to look too long at my GPA, and I'm okay with my test scores. But then I get to the hardest supplemental question a college can ask.
What is your favorite book?
Asking that question to a bibliophile is perhaps the cruelest injustice you can force upon them. (Except, you know, burning books and banning books and all of that really, truly horrible stuff.)
It's evil for multiple reasons.
College is a smart place, and so I am tempted to list smart books. Honestly? I've yet complete Old Man and the Sea, but it seems like the type of book that should be my favorite. But it isn't. Not at all. The thing is, I've got dozens of favorites, and they're completely totally random.
I do really, really love this one:
But somehow I doubt any college would believe that. A Little Princess is my go to comfort book, but that doesn't seem particularly intelligent. I love it for the story and the writing and the nostalgia.
But Harry Potter was the book of my childhood. I pull Ender's Game out when I'm having bad days. Howl's Moving Castle feels like an old friend, and Divergent is that new, sparkling buddy -- and those are just a few.
Asking me to pick one is like asking me to pick a favorite friend (except not, because Maggie wins that) (even though she, now having joined debate, has sided with the boys in incessant and yet amusing mockery)
and ends up being much too difficult.
So, obviously, my response is to just give up on college.
Oh, wait, maybe not.
Anyway. What about you? What's your favorite? Can you pick just one? Do you think that I should drop all hopes of college and wrangler Jaguars.
More later.


Maggie Osborn said...

First off, I have not joined with the boys. Just because Nick says I love him more, doesn't actually mean I love him more. (Except when it comes to music.)

Secondly, I would hate having to choose my favorite book. So I'm going to avoid that for as long as I can. Aka, like, a month or two. Boo.

Cipherqueen (I'm alive!) said...

ZOMG! I L-o-v-e A Separate Peace, and nobody else gets why! It's so sad. :(

Heh, Common App... been on that for 7 hours today....@.@

*head bashes keyboard*

I really, really should start blogging again. When I actually have free time.

...guess I shouldn't a' signed up for nano. *winces*

(The word verification thingy don't show up on my screen...)

Cipherqueen said...

And hey, my bro got away with putting Crime and Punishment. I think they may believe you.

As for me... I'll be lowly and admit: Codes Ciphers and Clandestine Communication, baby!

*recieves awkward stares*

Hey, the word verifications show up now!