Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello, ducklings.
I'm drowning in the waves of finals, currently, and so I am making this brief. I am updating to remind myself of my revived determination to actually write fun things, and to do it well, and because I really, really am sick of studying and this still feels productive.
My life consists currently of a lot of Merlin and even more crying stoic undertakings to understand The Veil of Ignorance (people should make judgement without class or politics or other stupid things being in consideration? Maybe?) and trying to memorize the 117 terms my European History professor thought were necessary for my final. Also, no hablo espaƱol y mi examen es pronto. 
I have been accepted to Alpha again this year (I went in 2011) which means I will be learning from Scott Westerfeld, Tamora Pierce, Theodora Goss, and Justine Larbalasteir this summer. I'm even going as a Beta student, which means that my story will be given to all of the attendees of Alpha and I will do my best not to cry as they rip it to shreds learn the magic of critiques in a very intense and awesome setting. 
My goals for the summer include:
Stalking my librarian.
Finishing a rough draft of something. (I am intensely aware of non-writer people that can find this blog and also know me in real life, and I am too awkward to go into more detail about this sort of thing with friends. Obviously, strangers would be totally acceptable.)
Take Macroeconomics at a local university.
Make my mother take me on road trips. (Her job makes her travel. It'll be like Bring Your Kid To Work except College Edition!)
Rewatch episodes of Glee back from before it got terrible.

Annoy my friends, primarily this one
Read. Read. Read more. 
And finally, spend as much time as possible watching this:
Bradley James, you are the light in the darkness of Finals.

Prince Arthur has never looked so good.
Good luck to those of you with finals, and to the rest of you, I direct my unmitigated and jealous hate. 
Until then:


Stephanie said...

So, blogger hasn't been telling me that you've been posting since, like, July. Today in my reading list, allllllllll the posts popped up XD And I read them. And I'm glad you're back.

I hope finals go smoothly for you! They can be...well, just awful. Hang in there. Sounds like you're doing really well!


Sam said...

Haha, well, I honestly haven't posted much since July. I'm glad to be back. :)

Finals are death. I think we should just all revolt.

Maggie Osborn said...

I stand by my thoughts that this song is the best song, and also you are the best bestie.

(Bestie is a weird word. It looks like beastie. Though beastie works for you too.)

Hi. Please never stop bugging me. Summer brings out my hermit and I'll need convincing. So you're warned.

Sam said...

I am a dragon, I've decided. I suppose that's a beastie.

I'm aware of this. I'm resilient, luckily.