Friday, August 9, 2013



I changed the title of this blog. You may have noticed. You probably didn't, though. Why? Because I haven't paid attention to this blog the way that I used to. The thing is, I kind of never liked the old title. I made it when I was fifteen and I made it (the title, not the blog) as a joke with Maggie.

So, now it is Speak, Live, Write. To be cheesy, this fits me better. Generic? Yes, but I don't care. So is coffee, and so is chocolate, and I'm currently surrounded by both. I was a debater. I love to talk. I believe very much in living a life worth speaking and writing about. All those cheesy quotes about, like, doing things that scare you --
Have been taken very much to heart. (It's how my friends force me to do things I don't want to. For instance, night clubs. Not my thing.) (Neither is climbing up a seven story tower when the elevator only costs a dollar.) (This list is long. I'm ending it now.)
So, the title is changed. That's why. I'm 19 and fancy now. (Or I've conformed. Either way.)

Next week I move into my first apartment. I'm moving in with some of my favorite people in the world, and praying that they will remain my favorite people in the world and we don't end up killing one another in our sleep.

That's ... actually it. I have more for later, but I'm not quite there yet to talk about it. And now, I'm sitting on the steps of a Wisconsin hotel and watching a protest, and that's become incredibly fascinating. So --

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