Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Practice, practice, practice?

Nats is over. I am 9th out of 700 people. So yay. :D
I am now going in for a coma of books. This is me, checking in and complaining about lack of internet (I'm at a coffee shop with a friend right now. She's swearing loudly at Angry Birds. People are slowly taking away their children.)

(Seriously, guys. That game is evil.)
However, something interesting about that. The more you play the demonic game, the better you get. Same with debate. Same with writing.
And so, now, I shall get back to practicing blogging. And, you know, sanity. Because my sanity needs to be used. A week with a bunch of a talky boys definitely wore at that. For the moment, I'm going to lust after this book.
Girls at a public high school start refusing to put out. At all. I'm weirdly amused by this concept, and I really want to read it. The DUFF was funny and cute, and I am ready for that kind of read right about now.
Oki doki. I have to go before parents call the police on my cursing friend.
(On a separate note, one of those parents keeps calling their toys 'boy toys'. I don't think she realizes why all the surrounding teens are laughing...)
More later!


cipherqueen said...

Haha...oh, I missed checking this blog. :)

Sam said...

-grins- Thanks.