Sunday, July 10, 2011

I am in denial

I don't really have words for the horror and anticipation of this coming week. No, not Alpha (because, um, I totally definitely have edited all of the stories I was supposed to, right, yeah) (and yeah, I'm meeting Tamora Pierce and no, I haven't been stressing about what to wear all week) (Purple nail polish? Blue? Green? OMG THE CHOICES, GUYS I JUST DON'T EVEN) or the fact that the people at Alpha shall first meet me after I get off a plane that leaves at 6 AM and hence I shall be ugly and mean or the fact that I'm checking out colleges today and tomorrow (That's how I have internet.)
That is not the horror or anticipation.
This is.
Guys, it's ending.
My childhood is totally ending with the last movie. 
My love and thanks have already been ranted about  beautifully chronicled several times, namely here.
But I wanted a worship post to be up anyway. Because hey, if my childhood is ending, then I should make note of it. I mean, you get a diploma just for graduating for high school, so I definitely feel as if this moment needs something.
I swear.
This movie had better not suck.
Elsewise, there will be intense sadness. 
(Oddly, this now seems necessary.)

I'm not sure how else to say it.
But Harry Potter, I love you. I love the world. Thank you for my childhood. 
(You're crying, aren't you? It's okay. I don't judge. Have a cookie.)
-kisses the entire Harry Potter world-
-feels gross-
Seriously, though. If this movie is ruined in any way, I am going to be so, so sad. Or angry. Evil attack of the millions of Harry Potter fans will follow. We're dangerous, people. Like this.
Be scared. 
Anyway. More later. (Seriously, I actually have book reviews scheduled for this week. Two! WHAT IS THIS OMG.)
Farewell, dears.
(Also -- seriously. Blue or purple?)

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