Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A high power existance

So, with school out, rain pouring down and being home alone, I have lost my motivation.
I don't know where it went. I wish I did. But instead of doing my homework, I find myself obsessively editing and checking my email. Editing entertains me, so I don't count it as work.
Seriously. This has been my afternoon thus far.
Sit. Stare.
Click onto internet.
Check Yahoo account. Nothing.
Sit. Stare. Read a few pages of Catching Fire. Edit a chapter from my most recent story.
Click mouse.
Check AOL account. Notifications from Facebook.
Sit. Stare. Edit some more.
Click on to internet.
There is a notification from Piknic about their process of touching up pictures.
Sit. Scream.
Sit. Stare. Look down at my Honors Geometry homework. Decide that Geometry will never be used in the real world, so doing the homework this very instant isn't necessary.
Edit some more, write a few paragraphs.
Sit. Stare. Click. Repeat.
Yes. This is the life of the modern teenager.
What a hopeful future we have, America. What a hopeful future indeed.
Ok. Going to go do something productive now....
Yeah. Sure.


cipherqueen said...

Ah. At least you aren't up to your eyeballs in extracurricular activities...I am. Honestly, I do feel for you. Everything we needed to learn in math was covered before middle school...:)

Sam said...

Yeah, math just does not speak to me. The only extracurricular I do right now is debate, though, thank goodness.