Friday, September 18, 2009

What's wrong with mature?

People that like to write--especially the like to write fiction--don't tend to be boring. It's kind of hard to have 'no imagination' when you spend all day writing about imagined worlds.
Yet for the past three weeks, I have been fending off comments about being 'too mature' 'too sensible' and 'just way unimaginative'.
Yes, because I don't turn my mind to dream up new 'Your Face' jokes, I now have no imagination.
Gah. I've never been told maturity is a bad thing, and yet now I've got a friend who, to quote, thinks I was born thirty and grow more middle aged every day; who says I don't take risks.
I have fun. I enjoy myself; I go to parties, I hang out with friends, I dream about selling my sister to the circus and I spend all Geometry talking about cute boys. (You may notice a recurring pattern. I don't speak math.)
Bleh. I don't understand why being mature and not wanting to lie and act stupid ALL THE TIME is a bad thing.
My apologies. So, I know this has nothing to do about writing, and that's what I meant this blog for . . . but quite honestly, it's bugging me and I was interested to see if anyone else had opinions.
Mature is bad, now? Not just bad, but utterly taboo?

See? Look how mature the baby panda is, petting its mom. Or whatever it's doing. No one tells HER(Him? It?) that she/he/it is too sensible . . .


cipherqueen said...

Awww! I love the pandas! Everyone tells me I'm too mature. Too quiet. Too sensible. That I should, 'like, go to like, parties, and, like, have fun, and like, go on vacations and stuff'. Please excuse me while I barf. *Ahem* So what if I'm academic? At least I know how to communicate don't freak out. It's okay. Serious is good. Chocolate is tasty. Now, tell yourself you are an awesome, dedicated writer who works harder than Mr. Paolini, treat yourself to some ice cream and do a goggle search on hot guys. You'll be fine. :)

Sam said...

Thanks. :D Googling hot guys, chocolate? Amazing cure. And you're right, I'd rather work hard and do awesome later.

Maggie said...

no one calls me mature, seeing as i talk about my love for most child-like things (ex: where the wild things are, as you've heard for awhile now) all the time.

but. people call me boring and quiet. listen, just 'cause we don't wanna go out every night doesn't mean we're not fun.

just watch. you're gonna be a famous author and meeting all your adoring fans, and they'll be sitting around trying to figure out how, exactly, they thought you were boring. hehe :)


cipherqueen said...

By the way, I love your now template. It's purpleiffic! And sparkly! ;)