Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have never read a perfect book

That is, until Hunger Games. But even that one I wouldn't have called 'perfect'. No, the ending was too awful.
(awful in the omg I want the next book, why on earth would she do this to me, who will she pick, why, when, NOW! kind of way)

That's the British cover, for those who don't recognize it. (Hah. As if I would have ten seconds ago)
Anyway. I just read the second one, Catching Fire.
Oh, my goodness. I took it out to breakfast with the family and read between ordering, read in the car, read at home and had it finished in, like, an hour and a half. It was just that awesome.
The next one, please. Now. Now.
Now, now, now, now, now.
Talk about perfect. If the third is anything like the first two, I will have read a perfect series. It transcends good. Suzanne Collins is to applauded. I liked her first books, but these are just amazing. She had to have put so much thought into these, so much planning.


maddie said...

Maggie said it was good to. Maybe I shall read it..

Lizzy said...

I just blogged about this book, too! Suzanne Collins is so amazing!! The last book cannot come out soon enough! :)

Sam said...

I love that book. :) I want the third now. I also totally wish she would do an interview.
Maddi: READ IT

Rebecca Knight said...

EEK! My copy of Catching Fire comes today, and I'm freaking out, I'm so excited. I'm so happy to hear it's the same caliber of awesome as the first one :D!

Sam said...

Rebecca-I think it might be even better, if possible. :D