Monday, November 2, 2009

Epic moments all around
I'm not even going into that, other than to say, yes, I am participating. Kind of. But I think everyone knows the rules and the excitement. I think it's great. I do kind of find myself wincing on behalf of the agents and editors out there (I imagine they're about to be bombarded with hundreds and thousands of manuscripts) but it is great. Epic, even.
(Agh, just googled Epic to find a picture. Yuck.)
Halloween is over, which is sad. I'm kind of a sugar bug, so I'm fond of that holiday. The only problem is the ferocity of trick or treating children. They're very forceful.
For instance:
Me- "Oh, that's a cute costume."
Little blonde creature- "What am I?"
I look her up and down and recognize the S and W on her blue and red outfit. "You're Superwoman."
Blonde creature- "No, I'm Super Girl. Get it right!"
And she tromps off, candy in tow. I resisted the urge to take back the Snickers bars. This is my effort of spreading holiday cheer-not smacking children and withholding candy.
Oh, wait, that's Christmas
On a random note, I just finished this book;

It's very good. Creepy with an aggravating ending, but very good all the same.
The book trailer is even better. And no, that's not just because the guy's kind of cute.
That's only some of it.

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