Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why books beat movies

This is not high school.
On the other hand, neither is this.

It's funny. With all the movies, commericials, articles, about high school students, you'd think that more of the average kid's life would get covered. But it really isn't.
For instance, I have yet to see my cafeteria break out in renditions of 'Status Quo.' In fact, there isn't even really a status quo at school-at all. Yet look at most movies about teenagers, and there will be the hated 'Clique.'
That's why I love books so much more. Authors like Sarah Dessen, Meg Cabot, Maureen Johnson, and so many more, will catch a kid's view way better than a lot of movies. (I'm talking mostly realistic*ish* fiction.) Granted, there is the occasional patronizing book that comes to mind (one in particular is sitting on my floor, where I happened to throw it out of sheer annoyance) but in general, books do a better job of catching point of view.
A movie is not going to catch the unrequited crush that turns out to be a jerk. It isn't going to show you how much it hurts to lose a friend, or how much we stress out about grades. It won't teach you about long, rambling emails, or how much stupid, little stuff hurts. Books have all of that.
What brought on the monologue? I heard some girls complaining about how no one understands teenagers. It's a kind of common whine around high school, and on some level, sure, I agree. Of course, no one really understands anyone, regardless of age. Books are those lovely little creatures that let us see into other people for a little while. I don't think it matters how old you are.
This is a key example of why books will always, always be better than movies.
(Though admittably some, like the one below, come pretty dang close.)

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