Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So. There are certain things teenagers are expected to do.
Such as-
Get your heart broken by a guy. Check.
Lay on the floor with friends reading magazines. Check.
Sing with the windows down in a car. Check.
Get braces. Check.
Get braces off. Check(as of two hours ago.)
Watch mindless television. Check.
Get angry at family. Check.
Avoid doing homework and go to mindless movie about vampires instead. ...reluctantly, check.
So yes. I get it. Most teens can be somewhat stereotyped.
Then there's a little different list.
Write book. Check.
Spend hours revising book. Check.
Spend more hours. Check.
Send in book. Check.
Get back review and revisions. Check.
Spend more hours revising. Check.
More hours.
More hours.
More hours.
Lie to friends about why you refuse to pick up phone or go watch brainless television and keep revising. Check.
Send back in. Check.
Get email two days later about how
'We love the story, but it is with our greatest regrets we'll have to turn this down. It's simply that most teenagers are not responsible enough to sign.'
Or some such. I kind of deleted the rejection.
(Fine, not the most mature thing.)
But still. I'm not responsible?! After all of the hours put into it, I think I'm responsible enough.
Heavy Sigh.
Heavy Sigh Again.
Oh well. There's more agents out there. That was just kind of a slap in the face.


cipherqueen said...

Ouch. I'm sorry... that really must hurt. There are so few kids that are serious about writing, too... you'd think that would show them our responsibility...

You're an awesome, hardworking girl and you're gonna be fine. Just keep with the persistence...

Kendra Logan said...

Gosh, that would be so frustrating. I mean, I totally feel you. I'm sitting here feeling REALLY REALLY ticked on your behalf, lol! Gosh, is there anyway to prove yourself to them? ...Haha, get accepted somewhere else and send a copy to them XD

*sigh* I'm sorry that happened!


Maggie said...

Sorry it's been like, 20 years since you posted this and I'm only now commenting. You know my situation--DON'T HATE ME.

Anyhoo. I am still extremely irritated at the thought of what happened. Because of your age! Obviously you're responsible enough to spend all that friggin time writing the book, so what's it to them what your age is? Isn't age just a number? I do not understand what it even matters.

Blah. You know what an awesome story you have. I know what an awesome story you have. They know what an awesome story you have. So I say when you get signed with someone way better, you throw the papers in their face and be all

They probably wouldn't find you anymore mature with that gesture, but I will be fairly amused. :P

Don't give up, Sam. You know you're amazing.

BTW, I hope you don't mind how this comment is taking up a ton of space. I got a little rambly (when do I not?).

Sam said...

Hah, thank you all. :D
Cipherqueen; Yeah, it did kinda hurt. Actually, at the time, it was a . . . Really? What? Okay . . . sort of deal. But thank you. I'm still gonna stick with it.
Kendra; Frustrating is a good word for it. And yes, getting accepted will be a WONDERFUL way to prove them wrong, lol.
Maggie; Pft, I can't hate you. It's just not right. Thank you for your irritation. I shall quote that juicebox phrase someday. I don't know how. I don't know when. But it will happen. :D And rambly doesn't bother me. It just gives me more to read.
Anyway. Thank you all very, very much. Teenagers unite, I suppose. :D