Sunday, December 6, 2009

All I want for Xmas is a big, fat, book

This has been an interesting few weeks.
First of all, my computer keeps freaking out. That's partly why posting is so sporadic; every time I seem to log on, it kicks me off. Cursed creature.
Second, there are some lovely teachers that are piling their students with homework. Reason number two.
And third, I was just kind of angry with the whole agent search thing after the 'Fifteen year olds are not responsible.'
But I am over that. Now is the time for holidays. Yay!
Sadly, I don't know many other holiday symbols. If I left yours out, I'm sorry!
Personally, we celebrate Christmas. I'm excited; every year we get tons of books. This year, I'm asking for these;
These are the ones that I've seen that look good. (Oh wait. Magic Under Glass won't come out on time, but it still looks good.) Any other suggestions? Of course, I'm also asking for this;
But I don't think they supply those at my local Target. Or my high school. Pity.
I just finished this;
And I would suggest it. It's robots and science and treachery galore, plus it was blurbed by Scott Westerfeld. It's the sequel to Skinned, which I enjoyed, but didn't adore. Crashed, however, was one of those books that I hide under my desk when the teacher is talking and then stare longingly at instead of doing my assignment. It built well, it ended well; it was just a very good book.


Kendra Logan said...

If you liked Crash, it sounds like you'd like the "Uglies" series by Scott Westerfield. They're very good.


Sam said...

I love that series!! I can't wait-it's actually becoming a movie.

cipherqueen said...

Those books look amazing!