Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tonight marks 2010. The past ten years have seen me start school, make friends, lose friends, move from California to small but lovable hickville, learn to read and learn to write, get my heart broken and grow a strong addiction to glitter.
Example A--Well, just look up.
2009 was an especially lovely year.
It came with these:
All of which are now on my favorite book list.
It came with these:
And for me personally, it came with the end of my first year of highschool, the start of my querying agents, and this:
As you know, a girl's purse is her best friend. A purse that can fit book? Well, that's a true BFF.
Anyway. 2009 was a good year. It's weird and strange that we're now entering the double digits. My entire life seems to be in the last decade. It was when the towers fell in 2001, when America entered a war, when the last Harry Potter came out and the start of a really cool cell phone.
However, 2010 isn't looking too shabby either. I mean with this stuff all coming out;
2010 is bound to be good.
Anyway, this will be my last post of 2009. Happy New Years! Oh, and as a farewell present, I offer you this . . .
Because what would the end of the year be without a tribute to my shallow side?
Happy 2010, everyone.


Maggie said...

You are so much better of a person then me. I'm just too lazy to make a post dedicated to 2009, or you know, the last ten years of my life.

Um, now I'm starting to feel... weird. You make 2010 seem like something kinda big, when before the only thing I was thinking about is how we're supposed to say the year (20-10? 0-10 which can't possibly be right, 2010 which isjust a mouthful)

Dang it, Sam. Now I have to at least write Happy New Year on a post to feel better. I was gonna be lazy and ignore it...

Sam said...

Hah! :D It isn't super big, just a new year. I think anything but 0-10 will work. Well, that might work.
And thank you. I love your posts. It comes from your being far too funny for your own good.

Maggie said...

Excuse me while I go die.

I am the farthest thing from funny, my friend, and you know that. That post was pathetic, and you can't tell me otherwise.

Anyhoo, Happy New Year!! I feel a failure to life since I can't even text people at 12 this year (I hate you phone! HATE YOU). Sigh.

Sam said...

Maggie. I would never lie to you. Except, you know, that time when I pulled your hair and blamed Kalub. It was actually me. Ahem.
But you are funny. :D You should email me at twelve. Maybe your phone will be resurrected!

Kendra Logan said...

Omg, City of Glass = awesome.

Jace <3

HAPPY 2010!


Sam said...

Oh I looov Jace. In fact, it's probably not healthy.
All normal boys have been spoiled for me now. :]
Happy New Years! Firework r now going off outside my house...huh.

cipherqueen said...

Haha awesome. Love the fireworks. Where do you get your amazing pictures? I can't seem to post any on my blog, except for on the sides... Happy new year! ;D

Sam said...

CipherQueen: I just google. :D It's fun and it fulfills my need for shiny things. :D