Monday, January 4, 2010

Library bound

A couple days ago, my sister bought World Of WarCraft, a game where the girls kill monsters and yet don't have the sensibility to wear real clothes:

However, you cannot play this game at my house. Why? Well, the internet connection just isn't good enough. (Thank god.) So, now, and for the last three hours and the next two hours of my life, I am at the local library.

It's not that I don't love the library. I do. Really. I even read a book.

But after this much time, it's starting to get old.
Of course, I do have a my sister's friend here with me, who happens to be quite lovely. (Yes, she is reading over my shoulder. Hiya, other, older Sam.) She's currently on my phone and looking at

I think I've created an adict.

Anyway. I wanted to thank Kendra for the website that gave me the new background. I really love the site, and I might not stick with this particular background, but I probably will stick with 'Dotty Dot Dot.' :)
That's pretty much it for now. I'm off to wander the library. It's a really great one; it's huge, for one thing, and the windows have these quotes on them inside. The first time I saw them, I kind of sighed. I mean, come on, quotes about reading are wonderful, but they can be kind of . . . Well, cheesy. (I still love them. I just wasn't impressed.)
Then I actually looked at them.
These are a couple.
What you do, the way think, that's what makes you beautiful. --Uglies
Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth. --Dumbledore
Wise? No, I simply learned to think. --Eldest
It is easier to floss with barbed wire than to admit you like someone in middle school. --Speak.
The last is true in highschool, too.
Anyway, I quite approve. I want those stenciled on my walls. :D
(Sam, if you're reading this, that is NOT an invitation to start using sharpie to draw on my bedroom walls.)
The best part? In the Dumbledore quote, all of the 'i's are dotted with pretty star thingys that are VERY harry potter esque.
Gah. The library just got invaded by loud teenage boys. I'm running away into the booth we snagged earlier.
More later.


free falling from cloud nine said...

little sam,
so sad,so young. Its great that you look up to me, your esteemed senior friend. but you must also look up to your beutiful older sister. escpecially for boyfriend advice. because apparently shes an expert.

Sam said...

My sister ... Boys ... Me talk to her?
And who says I look up to u? Lol. Btw as for little, I'm two inches taller. :]

free falling from cloud nine said...

height is not always measured in inches or feet but in wisdom and experiance, so in that case i am many feet taller than you.(besides 2 inches is not that tall. lame!)

Sam said...

Coming from the girl who spelled experience wrong...and the definition of height is distance from the ground so actually age fails to matter. So hah. :]

Maggie said...

Seriously, you guys crack me up. But first: SAMANTHA (insert middle and last name) IT IS RUDE TO INSULT SAM'S HEIGHT. I DO NOT APROVE. You must remember that I am still shorter then her. Hurumph.

Now. I love the library. I haven't been to it in like, years. Sigh. Those quotes are wonderful by the way. :D

Do you realize we have school tomorrow? DO YOU?

Sam said...

Ugh I soooo don't wanna go...but ugh. Whatever. And u have a strong mental prescence. Sam doesn't really. :]

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Hi Sam! I'm Sarah-I'm the teen librarian at The Library Center. I saw your comment on our TeenThing blog and wanted to say thanks and I agree about Catching Fire being the best read of '09. I'm glad you like our window quotes and the teen space! Be sure to stop by and say hi sometime when you're at the library. I'd love to get your help with some upcoming author events (I hope!) at the library.

Sam said...

Sarah: I would absolutely love that! :D Is there any particular time I should come by? (My sister is there practically every day now.) We probably won't be there tomorrow because it's so cold, but anytime next week after 3 is fine, or anytime this weekend.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Hey Sam! We have a teen library council meeting this Saturday from 10-11ish in the Grafton room (which is the room behind the teen space in the corner) so if you'd like to come to that, that would be cool. I'm not sure how many of the TLCers will come though-I've been out of town and haven't sent my reminder e-mails! But I'll be at the library until 3 Saturday (if I'm not in my office, look for me in the Story hour room). And I'm there on Monday's until 7 and Tuesday's until 9. I do have a meeting at 3 on Monday though (prolly until 3:30ish). If I'm not around, ask at the referece desk and they can always track me down too! Looking forward to meeting you!:)

Sam said...

Great! I'll try and make it on Saturday. :D