Wednesday, January 27, 2010


School is the ultimate drain on one's mental health. Parents will tell you it's work and that school is the best time of your life. I believe this to be a lie.
(This seems freakishly familiar.)
Yes. I know, it's shocking. Highschool is hard.
However, I got to take a hiatus today. I wrote 4000 words in one of my stories, edited some old chapters, and ate a day's worth of calories all in one little container.
It's a demon in a cup. A very tasty, very beautiful demon.
Anyway, relaxation is lovely. I highly suggest it. That wasn't what I set out to write about though; I set out to say this.
This was a very good book.
I am so sick of paranormal. I mean, I see bloody fangs on a cover, or wings on the back, or fangs, and I barely even blink. It has to be good for me to care about paranormal right now.
This was very good.
There were ghosts. There was a cute British boy, and we all know how much I approve of that. There was magic and there was a ballet angle that was new and interesting.
I so wish I could do that.
Anyway. I'm off to watch one of my favorite, mindless movies.
Don't judge me.
**OH! Other thing I was going to say . . . Hilary Wagner interview soon! She has an amazing post up about agent search. Go. Read it. Now.**
More later.


Maggie said...

You know you could have borrowed that book from me like, twenty years ago right? I've has for a long time now. WASN'T IT AWESOME THOUGH? (I promise I'm working on my caps addiction...) I really liked it.

School will be the death of me. Sigh.

Ice-cream makes me fill with joy inside. As does your writing. (That's my subtle way of telling you to send me your new stuff. Just roll with it.)

Sam said...

You didn't tell me about it! Lol. I actually borrowed it from the fantabulous Sarah...It was great!
School is usually fine. I was just so burned out after yesterday that I didn't think I could deal with it and remain friendly.
And I shall send u stuff later tonight. When I can get the computer--this is on my phone.

cipherqueen said...

Congrats on getting another interview! And school is... ah, the thing that keeps us from waking up at noon, I guess? But what really should be abolished is homework and the need for colleges to see extracirriculars on your application. Really, that would give me back 28 hours of my life...

cipherqueen said...

28 hours a week, I mean.

Sam said...

Thanks! She's been really sweet...I got lucky. :)
and my god, yes. After school stuff is very complicated. Amnesty international, debate, green team, community I don't think I make 28 hours a week though!
Colleges better appreciate all this work. :]

Brandon said...

Hey Sam. Your writing "fills [my insides] with joy." But not as much as Bubbly ;) You should send me a copy.

Sam said...

Hey Brandon. :DD How does my writing fill you with joy when the most you've ever read of mine is an English essay? Lol. I don't mind sending you some, but I don't think you'd like it . . . I tend to be kinda girly. . .