Monday, January 11, 2010

Alert, alert!

So, I sent an email to Hollie Schindler, a local Missouri author who's book will be published later this year. She accepted to do an author interview!!
(Enter my squealing.
Enter more squealing.
Okay, I think it's over now.)
I'm probably going to be sending the email with questions late tomorrow.
This is her book.
(Which I am totally loving the cover for.)
And this is her website.
I was wondering: I know a lot of us have questions. What are some you want me to ask?


Jennifer said...

Thats so cool!
Can u ask her how she got her agent? (Like, slush pile or something.)
And the cover. did she pick it?

Maggie said...

Enter my squealing also. Just because authors are slightly higher then celebrities to me. You should ask her........ umz..........


I'll think of something. Soon. (I'm thinking a la Winnie the Pooh, log seat and tapping and all. Thinkthinkthink...) Email me before you send it so if I think of something I can tell you, pretty please. (Oh, how I miss my phone.)

Sam said...

Jennifer: yeah sure. :]
Maggie: don't worry I moved it to tomorrow so I can ask mrs. Swindell if she has any questions. :]

Jessica said...

I'm really scared of editors. r they mean? Or are they helpful? Do they introduce u to other authors? Urgh. I don't no how to phrase it: i guess, how much impact do they have on your actual life?

Sam said...

Jessica: My English teacher was really interested in editor's, too. :D I'll make sure to add.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

That's awesome! I met Holly when she came into the library and she is super sweet! I'm so glad to have her in MO.

cipherqueen said...

My question may be kinda weird, but...what should an author wear to a book reading? I'm really curious...