Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The joys of public education

I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in California the other day, and we were comparing classes. Now, I go to a good school. I take hard classes. I work hard, and I like working hard. I don't always feel challenged, but I usually enjoy school.
(Well. I hate waking up, but other than that, it's usually okay.)
It's interesting to me to hear about schools in other parts of the country, so I decided to show what a day in the life of a Missouri teen would be.
In . . .
*drumroll please!!*
(I really don't know why people I meet online are always so shocked and horrified by this. But hey, whatever. :D)
So. This is a day in my school schedule.

1st hour:
Honors Geometry
If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you've probably heard me whine about this class. I don't like math. Therefor, this class is not that fun. Plus, I either feel not challenged at all or pressed for time in this hour. Not a very interesting hour for me.

2nd Hour:
Spanish 2.
I love the teacher. I like the language. I love the culture. However, it is worksheet after worksheet after worksheet. I memorize and then toss away in the corners of my mind. I couldn't even tell y0u last month's vocab.

3rd Hour:
Eh. Equations sometimes. Labs often. Lots of notes. Good teacher, but not my favorite class. Right now, we're doing the various phases of Meiosis.

4th Hour:
Honor's English Two. This is my absoloute favorite class. (Yeah. Surprise, right?) I love the people in it, and I love the subject matter. We're writing book reports right now. (Literary Analysis, excuse me.) Mine is over this book:
I loved the book. It's a true and terrible story about humanity, and I probably wouldn't have read it but for the class.
I loved A Separate Peace earlier this year, and I loved poetry. Grammar, not so much. However, I have learned the power of complete sentences. :D Now I just have to make sure and use that power wisely.

5th hour-Study Period. It's a school wide thing. My teacher hates my class. I hate my class. Often I try and escape to another English teacher who I've actually never had, but I kind of love. It's like half an hour. This is the time I stare mindlessly at my Honor's Geometry book and think If I ever join a career where this stuff is actually needed, I will have failed in life.
(Failed in my life. No discrimination against those who enjoy higher math. My own sister finds it fun. It's freaky, but hey.)

6th hour
: American History Two.
History is my favorite subject. Unfortunately, there's no Honors class; he tends to do projects that cater to students who don't care as much, and that tend to frustrate those of us who do. My friend and I are currently doing a project of Khmar Rouge. I'm finding it fascinating.

7th Hour: The biggest waste of my time. The most hated hour. The real reason public education gets a bad rap.
It's not my gym, but I would still probably hate it.
I find it stupid and inane.
I have no problem working out, but that isn't what you do. You run twice a week, and the rest of the time play pointless games. Boys jockey for the shot, the catch, or the whatever and most girls don't pay attention. If I liked games, it would be one thing. However, I don't. I REALLY don't.
I could be taking Sociology, Mythology, or Economics. Instead, I waste my brain in Gym to fulfill a pointless requirement.

8th Hour: Debate.

Thank goodness. Debate is my life at times. Yes, it's nerdy. However, it's filled with the most entertaining people I know. This includes my couch, who is equal parts hilarious and terrifying. (One of the only people who can say 'I'm disappointed by that' and get a real reaction. Of course, if you told him this, he'd mock you mercilessly.)
This month's topic is whether or not Obama's plan for troops increases is good for America. We're debating in class, and I get to feel superior because I'm relatively good at debating. After gym, it's needed.

Anyway. That's my relatively boring schedule. Next year I get to take all the fun stuff.
Now, I am off to burn my math homework.
I mean . . . Research Khmar Rouge. Or reread A Long Way Gone. Or . . .
I guess I'm going to do my math.

*Edit* Stay tuned for the fabulous Holly Schindler's interview in the next few days!!


Maggie said...

I'm dreading gym. I really am. Next year will be terrible. Blah.

Seriously, why does everyone on the internet think public school is terrible?? It's the same with the people I talk to too. Weird.

I like biology. I do not like Spanish. I like English (but do not like grammer, and sometimes the teacher.) Math is okay. History is fine. And I would just like to say that Horner somewhat scares me.

The end. :)

Sam said...

Gym is dreadful. Luckily, it is also dreadfully easy. :D
I hate math. History is fun. Horner is terrifying and hilarious all at once.

cipherqueen said...

My school finally dropped the P.E. requirement to 2 years... after realizing that it was necessary in order to "keep up with the other schools". A little late, I think- we only get around 3 electives for our entire (4) high school years. Oh well, it's better than nothing. You just get depressed when you look at the avaiable courses at my high school. They don't even have a debate CLUB. :(

English is, and has always been, my favorite subject. The grammar side of it still has some issues to settle with me, and probably always will. ;) To the *joys* of public school!

Sam said...

Wow only four?! Oh goodness, that would annoy me. What kind of classes do u take?
Hah and our gym credits...ahem. We only have to take a year...I guess I shouldn't whine lol.

cipherqueen said...

I'm taking AP European history, Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-AP English 10, Chemistry, American Sign Language II, and Ceramics. (Yes, you have to study for the ceramics final. You can't just make pots and expect to pass.)

6 periods in a day, no study periods, only two foreign languages to choose from, and your so-called "electives" are yearbook, video production, graphic design, and fine arts (as in drawing and painting + ceramics). That's all- well, except for choir and band. A violinist belongs in neither....