Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh, my god

That website I was talking about?


I love it even more now. Why? Well. Because of stuff like this.

Orion wrote:

Oh my gosh. This is so good and so much fun. I don't even know where to start...first of all, your grammar and spelling is just perfect. That makes me happy-happy (just reading about that drug is getting to me?!). And even though the story deals with a lot of darkness, I didn't feel too depressed when I got to the end, because the team is so competent that I was mostly just excited to see what happens next. Your characters are so unique and interesting. When I first started reading, I thought, oh no, what if this is just like Ender's Game? But this is a take I've never seen-- what happens to the child soldiers AFTER the war. So fresh. Your style is fluid and easy-to-read, without sounding juvenile. You've given the characters interesting backgrounds as new layers keep being revealed. I LOVE that Ash isn't just the typical sarcastic bad-ass, but that she has a depth that makes me really want her to be happy. The way you reveal just a tantalizing bit of backstory in italicized memories every now and then is perfect to keep me reading, hooked. (Also, I love Markal. Purple coat + unicorns + eyeliner + bad-ace fighting skills = hilarious.) This is one of those stories that, just by reading it, I see how I can improve my own work. I would not be the least bit surprised if this ended up in the top five someday soon. : )


I don't know this person, but I think I'm kind of in love.


Seriously--there hasn't been one bad review, and that is so weird! I was expecting some bad stuff...but there hasn't been any.


Also cool?

Someone made me a cover.



It's so totally not what I would have done, but I kind of like it.

It's really different; a little more emo than I was expecting, but still.


I am very pleased with the world right now.


Maggie said...

Oh, how I love your writing. *stares dreamily into space while imagining yours stories' boys*

Sorry. It's like a default setting. I would never love the boys if I didn't love the writing first. :D

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Awesome!!! I am so happy for you! Your book sounds really good.


Sam said...

Maggie: If only they were real. :DD
Kendra: Thanks! I like it, but then I'm kinda required to I guess. :) It's a really cool site though--getting reviews like that is soo cool!

cipherqueen said...

Awesome! See, we aren't the only ones that think your writing is good... oh, and do you want me to make you a cover in addition to that one? I'm very tempted to...

Sam said...

Cipherqueen: Hahaha, I'm glad! And yes, that would be fabulous. I'm actually...ahem...not so fond of that one. It's a little--dark. In fact, it's very dark. My story isn't sunshine and daisies, but it isn't a black pit of tar either. :DD

Maggie said...

You didn't like the cover very much? *sighs in relief* Good, because while it's cool that they made it for you, it is too dark and slightly headache-making. Yours deserves something booteefull :D