Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If only I had this talent

So, Cipherqueen? I officially adore you. (In a non creepy way.) I am in love with the city picture. I am, however, SUPER in love with that cover. Actually, I was in love with all of them, but this was my favorite and I didn't want to overload the post with all that awesomeness. I am so computer stupid; I have yet to figure out this picture thing. So.
Thank you. So much. I liked the other picture okay, but this really gets the actual feel of the story more. I mean, the biggest part is her purple eyes, so....yeah, I wanted the cover to have purple eyes. And...well. My book isn't emo, so the non emo thing is nice. I wanted that.
(Or a dark deserted city. Ahem. So much for not emo. At least it isn't crying.)
Thank you very, very much.
Oh. The other thing; it occurred to me that I might as well post a blurb about my story. I was putting it off because I usually find that sort of thing incredibly big headed. But I have it on Inkpop and it only makes sense to put it on my blog.
So. Sigh. Altered's blurb;

If you had to choose between the lives of millions or the lives of your loved ones, how could you?

Ash is done with war. It's fair enough; after all, she spent her childhood fighting one. At eight, she was scientifically made into one of the best soldier ever known—but now she’s seventeen, and the war’s over. All she wants to do is live peacefully, get a manicure or two, and leave the life of the Altered behind.

Unfortunately, her manicurist dumped her after all the broken nails. Even worse, the other Altered are hunting her down.

After four years of hiding, they’ve finally found her. One of these three is Ky, a boy who’s gotten ridiculously attractive. He makes her head goes fuzzy; something that’s is kind of dangerous, considering her life. Not two days after Ky and the others appear, everything goes wrong. A civilian mob, a black tattoo, and a self righteous idiot push Ash back to PEKA, the corrupt company that Altered her. From there, things get even worse as Ash is forced to choose. She can lead PEKA's Altered army against suddenly murderous civilians, or she can step back and let her oldest friends be killed.

Ash is used to having godlike power. Using it, though, has never been so hard.
So. That's it. Yup. Going away now. Farewell.


Maggie said...

The first pic isn't showing, but I lovelovelove the eyes one! It is purty :]]

cipherqueen said...

Glad I could help! :D I want to have purple eyes so bad now...

Sam said...

Maggie: Grr. It shows on my computer. I think mine might be the only one. But yes, it is very purty. :DDD
Cipherqueen: ME TOO!!! Lol. Try writing about it for months. Occasinoally I'll glance in the mirror and dream of colored contacts. :)

Kendrabelle Logan said...

Ooh! Gorgeous!

And you've been awarded on Carpe Diem!


Aspen said...

gorgeous covers!