Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prepare for slight screams

Yay!! This is by far my favorite ever. Thank you Cipherqueen! It sparkles!!! Cue happy squealing and clapping of the hands!
Now. Moving on past my girly screaming. . .
And into even more screaming! Why? Well. Because of this book.

I admit. When my mom handed it to me, my first thought was OOH PRETTY. And yes. Ooh pretty indeed. That cover is absolutely brilliant.
But then I opened it.
This book is on my list of all time favorites. It's clever. It takes an old topic and totally revitalizes it. And let me just say, I totally have a book crush on one of the characters. The evil villian has possibly the most epic description since Voldemort.
The whole thing is smart, funny, and . . . well, pretty. I adored it. It was the first book in a while that I read cover to cover during the school day. (Biology? What? Pedigrees, you say? Homework, you say? Really?? Oops . . .)
Her website is pretty and as I type this, I'm singing along to her playlist. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and seriously, seriously want the next one.
Ahem. So. Screaming over again.
...No, I lied again. It's back.
That website? Yeah, you know the one. The one I won't shut up about? Inkpop?
Well. My story? It's under the top ten.
Top five I get an editorial review.
A lot of people reading this know about my agent hunt earlier this year. It was a lot of testing the water and I really didn't expect it to happen. However, that meant it still stung pretty bad when I got rejections saying things like . . .
"Your dialogue is unrealistic. Kids don't talk this way."
"I love the story. Fifteen year olds, though, are not reliable clients."
"....Please stop writing."
Well, that last one is kind of exaggerating. But still. This site has totally revamped my confidence. Less than three weeks, and I'm in the top ten.
*Happy dance!*


Maggie said...

*happy squeeeeeee*
You'll be top five very soon, my friend. :D

And that book? It's very pretty. Could I please borrow it?

Sam said...

I hope so! And yes, you may. My sis is reading it now but she should have it done. Then you. Then Jessie.

Maggie said...

Gracias! Libros son mis favoritos. :D

(PSSSST! I have no clue if I said that right! Don't judge me!)

cipherqueen said...

It does look very pretty. And you will get to the top five very soon, I'm sure of it. ;) Haha and my covers are getting famous on inkpop- the people I made them for keep telling me that they get comments like "I love your cover" and "The reason I looked at this was because it had such an interesting cover..." so yeah. Feeling better about my computer skillz now. ;D

Agents really said that to you?