Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't make me wait, please!

So, I'm just plodding around the internet on this fine Sunday afternoon. Then I decide to check something out on Amazon.
That never ends well.
I found these.

I want them all.
Pretty, pretty please?
You aren't going to hand 'em over, are you?
I'm gonna have to wait, aren't I?
How will I survive?!
Oh, I know! With this!

But wait. That doesn't come out till Friday. What the heck am I supposed to do until then?
Math homework??
I think I'm gonna go reread Hunger Games now.


Maggie said...

Gah, I've been obsessively checking up on all these books. I want them now too. Sigh. I want them real bad!

However! Dead-Tossed Waves comes out in a couple weeks, I think. (I should go find the specific day.)

(And no, you have no right to remind me how excited for this book I was when I complain for weeks on end about something that's bound to upset me. Because if this one's anything like Forest then I might die.)

I love books. They give me warm&fuzzies.

Maggie said...

A week for DTW.
I got the widget to prove it! :P

Sam said...

Hah, I know the feeling. I want them so much...I'm not super excited about dtw though, I do have to admit.
Mockingjay, though?
Yeah. Um. NOW.

Aspen said...

just added hunger games to my reading list!

saw your comment just now - no, Iceland is NOT cool. Don't even waste your energy thinking about it.

And your story on inkpop is also going on the reading list =) I already Picked you though, to bump you up ;) I see it worked, congrats on NUMBER 2!!! =D

cipherqueen said...

Mutal feeling there. Someone please give me a book other than A Tale of Two Cities! I all books, but still...!