Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brain dead over here

So, I really want to say something inspiring and brilliant and all that stuff.
However, I am really tired.
And my head really hurts.
But I haven't posted in a while, and I'm feeling as if I am neglecting my blog. This bothers me.
My family and I went on a mini vacation over the past two days. It was fun; shopping, and food, and Marti Gras.
I have a pile of sparkly on my desk that looks just like that.
And as for my wisdom?
Let's see.
Don't fall in love with a vampire unless they, like my necklaces, sparkle. Sparkling is the truest sign of humanity in a vamp.

If you are going to dress up like a man and join the army, make sure that you have a cute commander. Why? Well, because your commander will probably end up being your boyfriend someday.

See that? That turns into this.

What else? Hmm....

Oh. Manners. They're important. In fact, they're quite fantabulous. It's funny, because most people will say that kids don't have them.

Um, excuse me. We actually do, thank you very much. In fact, when a kid is forced to sit and listen for two hours to politics they don't agree with, and comments on their views that greatly offend them, that kid doesn't say anything. That is being polite.

So. Don't lose those manners. They will do good things for you someday.

And as for my last bit of wisdom? When watching a Marti Gras parade, grab all the beads you can get. Not only are they pretty and sparkly, but they are remarkably hard to find in a store.

And even though it's 11:30 right now, I might as well add this....


Maggie said...

Oh, Sam. What words of wisdom they are.

And I envy your Marti Gras vacation. I spent the weekend being whiny and my post-sickness self. My words of wisdom have included: Don't put off homework and then take sick days. It only creates more homework. Sigh.


Cipherqueen said...

Ah... I totally missed the whole Marti Gras thing...