Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cassandra Clare Signing

Okay, guys. Clap your hands over your ears, because my internet voice is quite loud and screeching right now. I'm way too excited.
I got to see Cassandra Clare on Friday. I was in the SECOND ROW. I could have reached out and POKED her. (I didn't. Because that would be freaky, even for me.) (Though, admittedly, I was one of the lower key people there.) (SERIOUSLY. People were wearing GLITTER. And DEMON TATTOOS.) (Yeah, that didn't freak my dad out or anything -- twelve year olds paint with demon tattoos.) (But he drove for like, four hours so that I could go, so he's still the best.) (I'm gonna get out of parenthesis now.)
Okay, so the crowd. It was quite large. I should have taken pictures. I didn't.  I did take pictures of Ms. Clare, but they didn't turn out so hot and I'm not putting bad pictures online. That is cruel. And I don't want the karma. This, however, was the flier.
The St. Louis County Library's Reading Garden Event Series and Pudd'nHead Books present Cassandra Clare Author of "The Mortal Instruments" Series Friday, September 3, 7 pm  Library Headquarters 1640 S. Lindbergh Blvd. 63131 314/994-3300 Cassandra Clare presents "Clockwork Angels," the first installment in a thrilling new series set in a Victorian England where demons stalk the streets and only the Shadowhunters keep order amidst the chaos. Books for signing will be available for purchase from Pudd'nHead Books.
It. Was. Wonderful.
The event ran smoothly, and despite the fact that there were over a hundred people there, the questions were good. And Cassandra Clare is a WONDERFUL speaker. YEAH. She's AWESOME WRITER meets ROOSEVELT meets (-tries to think-) OOH FASHION EXPERT EXTRAORDINARINESS. Because seriously? You should have seen her shoes. And her jewelry. And her dress. Yeah. All of that. She had on awesome black heels and tons of Clockwork Angel Jewelry (and maybe some other series jewelry) and an awesome green dress. 
The answers!
Someone asked her about her writing routine. She said she writes 2,000 words a day, plus she edits. And she's booked until 2012, but already has some ideas -- for a contemporary novel! -- and basically I love her. (My dad was very impressed by the booked until 2012 thing.) 
And she talked about her fanfiction days, which was fun. She talked about writing a Harry Potter piece where Harry blew up the school. And some lady told her she was credited with the idea that Harry and Ron should be together, and had she meant to be so influential, and Ms. Clare just started cracking up and saying that she thought it was an awful, awful idea.
And she met her agent through Holly Black, in a bar, but it was a literary bar, so that's cool.
And in other news, the fact that New York has LITERARY BARS makes me totally want to move there.
 Maybe I'll go to Columbia. If only I could pay 50k a semester.
OH OH. AND. She talked about how inkpop was the best thing for writers, but don't stress, because you can win it, but it's REALLY hard, but winning it is a wonderful step toward being a REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS WRITER.
-points at sidebar- -you know, where it points out that I got Top Five- 
-YAY- (Seriously, I felt very cool when she started talking about that.)
And the screen play for City Of Bones is written but went WAY over budget. That's why it's taking so long.
Cassandra Clare is my new favorite person. She talked about having to write millions of bad words before you write your first good word. AND the inspiration from Magnus came from a Korean magazine. OH. It took two and a half years to write COB. TWO AND A HALF YEARS. So, basically, I do'nt have to worry if I'm not awesome, rich and famous by twenty. (Even though that's three and a half years.)
Basically, the entire thing was awesome. There will be a gushing review of love for Clockwork Angel soon.
If there's anything you want to know, ask in the comments. Or gush. Or stab me with a fork because YAY I got to see Cassandra Clare!!!
More later.


Kendra Logan said...

*LOUD, ANNOYING SQUEAL* YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!! :DDDDDDD Aaah, I'm so happy for you! That's amazing. It's great to know that Cassandra Clare is just as awesome in real life as I imagined her being. So cool.

And OH MY GOSH, THERE'S REALLY GOING TO BE A MOVIE. I was never really sure what was Fact and what was Fans. It's great to know for sure. (And I'm glad they weren't terribly cheap with the budget. I would hate for CoB to turn out like the first Twilight. *shudder*)


Maggie said...

*steals my signed book*
*and then stabs you with fork*
*and then feels bad, so revives you with magic sparkle wand*
*and then pokes you with magic sparkle wand*


Liam said...

I really hate you right now. Except I love you, too, in a completely non-stalkery that possible online?


But everyone knows that Harry needs to die again so Ron and Draco can be together. Oh, the fanfiction.

Oh, the freaky drawings people do. Never. Again.

Cipherqueen said...

Beyond awesome. And four hours driving?

*hugs mom and makes puppy eyes* Someday. Eventually.

Fanfics...ah....ahhhhhhh! They can be great, but terrible.