Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I like the pretty

Yeah. That's right. School has drained so much of my brain that I no longer form proper sentences.
Don't judge me please. I just got my grades and am pulling A's and one B (Chemistry, you and I are NOT FRIENDS EVER) and that plus trying to write new stuff (because you know, people keep talking about how 'write everyday' is all 'yay good' and I want to be 'yay good' so .... don't hate me? Please?) is eating me alive.
Not that the scale has registered that.
-stares at post-
-rolls eyes at self and debates deleting everything-
Anyway. The original point of this was that I am in love with this cover.
In fact, I might marry it. And considering I am not into marrying inanimate things -- plus, you know, it's a chick on the cover -- that means a lot.
Just look.

Dear Celestial Being of Choice: For my birthday, I wanna look like that.
I know there are a ton of people covers out there, but what can I say, I love this one.
So yes.
I like the pretty.
And I just wasted your time to look at a cover and read my rambles.
-offers you ninja knife- Feel free to stab me. *
OOH. Or better yet.
Use one of these.

*I mean cyber stab, obviously. -eyes you nervously- 
Here. Go watch Vampire Diaries. Or, just stare at him.

More later. Possibly with substance attached.


Lisa Gail Green said...

A: LOVE Ian S.

B: In High School no matter what I did I got a B in Chem. If I studied like crazy? B. If I ignored homework entirely? B. *shrugs*

Maggie said...

Ian Somerhalder is my lover and no one elses and my aunt said I should aim for older guys to make up for the whole mature thing and because I think he's yummy and looks good ALL THE EFFING TIME I chose him. I win.


I love that cover. A lot.

KrazyK said...

Hey! Ian Somerhalder is miiiinnnnneeee! (Okay fine, you can have him too. On the weekends.)

You probably have no idea who I am, I've been lurking your blog for a while :D I found it through Maggie's blog which I found through an interview with Tessa Gratton. Both of your blogs are awesome! And I just had to comment because I love the Vampire Diaries with a passion, and I hadn't seen the cover for Tempestuous and it's prettty.

Sam said...

Lisa: He is remarkably good looking.
And as for chem...Good. I'm not alone. Seriously. No matter how much I study, I'm not ever passing a B. I haven't fallen below, though, so that's good. I guess.
-pained- My pride aches.
Maggie: -grins- I need to meet your aunt. And yes. I love the cover too.
Krazy: Hi! -debates weekends- Fine. But Alex Pettyfer is mine all the time. -nods-
I love lurking. I love comments, too. And Vampire Diaries is Possibly The BEST SHOW EVER. Seriously. I love it obsessively. It is probably why my Chem grade keeps dropping.
That cover really is pretty. -pets cover-

Aspen said...

*stares at Damon*
*ehemm... Ian*
were you saying something?
oh yeah! the blog above the picture of him!
I like the pretty tooooo