Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy 17th!

It's Maggie's birthday! -waves at Maggie- I'm now going to embarrass her by telling you how awesome she is.
She is basically my favorite person on the planet. This does not include the Sailor Scouts or anything with abs, obviously, but she is very close up there seeing as she watches Sailor Scouts with me and talks about things with abs. Actually, that might boost her to the top. -ponders-
They say Happy Birthday too

 She is talented and awesome and I love her a lot. -bounces- 
We've been friends since fifth grade, but started trading stories late in freshman year. She's the first person who ever read anything I'd written and quite honestly, is the best motivator I could ever have.
 And books. We have similar taste in books and she's GREAT to talk about them with. And plus, she's gonna be an author someday. How do I know? Because the first time she sent me a story, I read it through, then went and read it again. Then a third time. My literal first thought? Holy crap. She's way better than me.
She's not going to believe that. I can guarantee you she won't. But it's completely true. 
 If I get an agent, whether next year or twenty years from now, it will be ALL HER FAULT. I don't know that I would have finished anything without her stabbing me with a pitchfork talking me down from freaky crazy highs or yanking me out of emo lows. Actually, at the freaky crazy highs she's generally bouncing along with me. But that is not the point. The point is she got me through inkpop, and sophomore year when my friends went insane and dramatic and once in 8th grade, when my best guy friend made me cry, she snapped at him and called him an a$$hole. I'd never seen heard her snap at anyone before. It was quite spectacular. As is she. 
Happy birthday Maggie!


Maggie said...


Thank you! Although I don't believe a thing you said, I appreciate the lies. They made me smile. :D

(Geez, I feel like an old woman. I mean seriously, is that back pains I'm feeling? I think so.)

I heart you to death. <3333 You are the bestest friend a Sailor Moon and ab lover can have!

Cipherqueen said...

I'm late, but sending a big happy birthday as well! ;)

And that whole thing about being a way better writer? Yeah, I thought that about both of ya. :)

*feels strange for beng offline so long*

Sam said...

Maggie: If you smother me, I'll die. And that wouldn't be fun.
...Someday, you are going to take a compliment. It's my goal in life.
Cipherqueen: -raises eyebrows- Apparently we need to work on your self esteem skills as well. I thought the same thing when I read your stuff. -ponders- I'm doubting you'll believe it. What's with all the modesty?