Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week of Evil With A Metallic Edge

Let's take a look at least week.
Nuff said.
Moronic Monday (which, ahem, actually led to half the problems later on in the week.) Terrible Tuesday. Wrecked Wendsay. Thursday wasn't bad, but I staid until almost 6 at night to help get our school's debate tournament together. Was at school till 11:30 at night on Friday, then back at 6:45 in the morning on Saturday.
I like my sleep.
6:45 in the morning on a Saturday should not even be a possibility. Just saying.
There were boy problems (aren't there always?) and friend problems, and siblings annoyances and grade disasters and social dances that seem like a waste of time and yet are exercised anyway. Yelling teachers and crying students and mirrors of evil and the Corner of Emo. (Picture of Emo Corner available here.) The kind of week that usually makes me want to go pull a blanket over my head and watch lots of Disney movies. You know. That week.
Serious. These are my go to, guys.
Know something interesting, though? I've realized a pattern lately. When something goes bad in my life, I don't feel as awful as I used to. Yes, it sucks. Yes, I have to catch my breath every once in a while and try not to have a mental breakdown. However, there's a silver lining. 
Every crappy thing that happens to me is a story. Every awful moment, every bratty comment, every screaming teacher, every weird social ritual. 
Every asshole that hurts my feeling a character.
The boy that makes my head/heart hurt will get a scene. 
The friend that isn't a friend will see her due. The friend that's alway there will get her moment, too.
Weirdly enough, it makes me feel better. It seems as if I'm not the only one, either. Upon telling Maggie my boy issues, she blinked at me and informed me what a good scene the moment stressing me out would make.
Experience is the best teacher in math, and people always say it's the best mentor in writing as well. It's always calmed me down, but I never thought it could be a therapist as well.
I've been doing as much as I can lately to tally experiences up. Someday, they'll be moments to draw inspiration from.
That quote really had nothing to do with anything, but I like it. Therefor, since my week sucked, I am going to put it on my blog. Because I'm cool like that.
What about you? When something bad happens, do you write about it?
Also, as a side note, any boy advice would be lovely too. Perhaps about how it gets better in college.
(I'm joking.)
(Kind of.)
What am I saying? I'm just gonna marry one of these two. 
vampire-diaries-ian-somerhalder-dam.jpg image by gurleenkaur2009
Later, all.


Abby Minard said...

Erm, it doesn't get better in college (at least your freshman and sophomore year). Boys are still immature and stupid (and in college they can drink legally so...yay.) But there are the acceptions, and I met my husband in college, so there is always hope.

I had worst girlfriend problems in college because you now live with those girls. And it makes it much worse when you live with them (or tell them you don't want to live with them which results in a HUGE falling-out and now, 10 years later even though we've made up we aren't really friends).

Okay, not being negative anymore lol. That's so cool you can see writing in everything you do- I think thats what seperates those of us that love to write from those who don't know much about it.

And btw- college is better than high school if you let it! The classes are way cooler, you get to take naps in the morning, you can eat whatever whenever you want, and there are always impromptu jam sessions in the commons (okay that last part was a lie- that really only happens in the movies)

Sara Tribble said...

Oh Sam! I hated days like that and TRUST ME I had my share of asshole boyfriends from High School!

The two ex's hated me with a passion and put deer legs in my mail box when they knew I was writing letters to my boyfriend (now husband) in boot camp. Yeah, that was the first time I ever flipped out on anyone and it was
u-g-l-y! Mind you, I'm a girl and flipped out on the one ex, reaming his ass is putting it lightly!

On the bright side, as years go on it doesn't matter anymore. Sometime, they will grow up and usually when they do they realize how stupid/jerkish they were. Or you could hold it above their head and make them feel awkward as hell everytime they see you! LOL! Payback sucks!

Personally, I love college! I attended a private one so everyone there was actually paying the high price to learn, it was fantastic!
Oh, and I am a total sucker for Robin Hood and Dumbo, they are forever in my heart!

Jen Daiker said...

I'm so with you on marrying one of those two hotties... seriously, let's just be done with it already.

Boys are immature and stupid, and even when you marry the love of your life, they still have those immature and stupid moments, you just find them more tolerable or really cute.

PS I'm a new follower *waves* nice to meet you! Found you over at Abby's place... I love your blog picture up top, it's gorgeous!

Holly Schindler said...

I've given you an award: