Monday, November 22, 2010


-offers you knife-
Why? Because I am a bad blogger. I am giving you the change to cyber stab me. It's okay. My cyber self can take it. I understand. I have been a bad blogger.
And for the moment, I'm continuing that. I've got a massive essay due in -- ahem -- twelve hours, and I haven't started it yet. (Shush. I'm a bad student, too.)
You know what I'm okay at, though?
Remember me whining about losing?
Well. Now I have a pretty 2nd place trophy. And it was seriously awesome getting it.
(Even if my coach LIED TO ME and said I got FIFTH and I got on stage and was like Wait, why the freak aren't they calling my name -- OMG THEY FORGOT ME -- OR NO, OH CRAP, I AM NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE UP HERE AND THIS IS BAD AND I KNEW A JUNIOR WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO GET THIS FAR AND--wait, what? Second? SECOND?) (And then the debate team was CRACKING UP across the auditorium because I am on stage blinking and looking around like a freak. Yes. Some teams clap. Others laugh hysterically at their poor misinformed 11th grader.)
It just goes to show you -- sometimes you have to lose to figure out how the heck you are supposed to win. It's the same in writing, the same in everything; just keep going, just keep at it, and guess what? You'll win. I have a cheap plastic shiny thing in my kitchen proving that to be true.
Cheers, all.
I'll have a book review up later this weekend. More later.  


Colene Murphy said...

Congratulations on second!! Amazing!

Cipherqueen said...


You rock. ;) And so does your debate team, from the sound of it.

- off to (attempt) to catch up on my word total for nano-

Sam said...

Colene: Thank you! :P
Cipherqueen: -stares at you- YOU rock. The fact you did Nano is still amazing to me.

Cipherqueen said...

-shamefuly admits I didn't make it this year-

My reasons: In short, I did not want to stay up on my holiday break. For anything. Meaning a 12 page AP chemistry packet was also disregarded.

I received stares the next day, rest assured. But I'd never felt healthier! (okay, lame excuse, fine)

So my total: 30,000 somethin' odd amount of words