Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here come the holidays

Hey all! How are you? Freezing? Dancing around with hot chocolate and apple cider? Wearing fuzzy socks?
Why not?
Hi There
Anyway, the holidays are here or coming, depending on your denomination, and I think we should CELEBRATE. And how should we do that?
Well. With books, obviously.
Every year, my mom buys books for Christmas. Seriously, there are usually quite a few books. This year, I know several of the ones I'm getting, though. (How? She let me pick them out. AND THEN SHE TOOK THEM AWAY. Yes. My mother is mean.) (Hi, mom. Love you oodles. :P )
Do you give books for Christmas? I'm always nervous to hand people book babies, because what if they don't like them? Seriously, that would be no bueno. (Why yes, I am in Spanish III. Can't you tell?) However, there are a few that I know are usually good bets. And now we segue into the point of this post.
What books make good presents? Now. I know. You can't give the same book to everyone. It would be BAD. Giving me a book on the intricacies of tuna, for instance, would not go over well. But there are some blanket books that work relatively well, I think.
 For instance, for little girls?
This one.
Seriously. I loved this book dearly when I was younger. It has LESSONS and PRINCESSES and dude, it even has monkeys.
This is obviously the sign of supremacy in the book world.
I'd offer up Harry Potter, but everyone in their right mind has already read it. If you haven't, you should.
 (-cough-Maggie-cough-) (Someday, she'll get sick of me harassing her and read them. And I will be very pleased.)
For the teenage set, I can definately recommend one this year. Serious, I wasn't joking. Need a present for a teenage girl? I suggest Anna And The French Kiss.

It's funny. It's sweet. It's everything that you want for Christmas. I actually can't think of a friend that probably wouldn't like it. I'm generally the most cynical of my group, and I thought it was adorable. And dude, I don't use that word often. Only when it comes to puppies, boys, sparkles, monkeys, pandas, more boys, waving cats, movies, aliens, other boys, Glee, and some books. So really, it's a pretty dang exclusive list.
This usually goes over pretty well, also. Now the movie is coming out, too, which means reading it is imperative. Seriously, City Of Bones is great.
Seriously. I actually haven't heard a teenager say they DIDN'T love this book. (Jace be hot, y'all.)
-ponders other books-
This was good for adult-like things. (AND THIS MOVIE IS COMING OUT TOO ZOMG. Why the caps? Because it's Rob Pattinson, and when he is not sparkly, he is really really hot.)

I don't usually like adult stuff (because, hello, I'm 16 and have severe Peter Pan syndrome) but Water for Elephants actually has kept me entertained.
I'm reading The Inferno now, but I don't really suggest that. I mean, I guess it's probably good to read, but for Christmas? I suggest brain candy. Candy is good. And it's Christmas, so candy implies peppermint. Win!
Dude. Is it just me, or does that look REALLY good?
Anyway. School is almost out for semester, which means a couple weeks of sleeping, Disney movies, reading, writing, and hopefully, no more petty school drama. You have no idea how excited I am for all of that. I will be delving into the worlds of fictional characters and drinking yummy peppermint chocolate. For realz, yo.
What about you? What are your plans for the holidays? And what books would you suggest as gifts?


Anonymous said...

I always give my friends picture books as a joke. or fairy tales. It's kind of a tradition

Liam said...

I'm secretly married to Jace, so love the book or face my wrath!

UGH. I have yet to read ANNA. WHY, CRUEL UNIVERSE?


Abby Minard said...

I always get my neices and nephews books. I'm the librarian aunt- it's kinda expected of me now ;p My oldest nieces are 12 so they will be reading some of the same YA I read and I'm so excited for that! I got the one that likes to read a lot Breaking Dawn because she hasn't read it yet. The other one doesn't read as much (I'm trying to change that) so I got her a Mary Downing Hahn mystery. And of course my daughter gets books- I got her her first easy reader (!) for Christmas. Have a great holiday Sam!

Aspen said...

Seriously where do you find all these yummy candy pictures Sam?!

Anyway, I intend to to exactly that, "delving into the worlds of fictional characters" as I still have loads of unread books on my shelves since I was in London (damn school keeping me from my books...) and RELAXING. I seriously feel like it's still September. This semester has FLOWN by. I still have to clean my house, go to grandma & granpa's house tomorrow, Christmas on Friday (yeah we celebrate on Christmas Eve) and I have work (nightshifts) all weekend =( and dinner parties every day. So AFTER that, I will officially be free of all duties and will do nothing else but give myself mani-pedis and read books. GAH CAN'T WAIT.

And yes, I would give City of Bones. Or, MY BOOK! =D squee... I am actually giving like a zillion copies of it this Christmas... yay!


Sam said...

Anonymous: That's actually kind of awesome. :P I like that idea a ton--totally might be copying it.

Liam: Um, Jace be mine. I don't know what you're thinking. Pft. -grins-
Anna=deep love. The universe needs to give you a break and hand it over. Just saying.

Abby: My mom always gives books. :P It's kind of expected anymore, lol.
I love the idea of buying easy readers -- there's just something so cool about the first books. Incredible levels of epic, definitely.

Aspen: Honestly? weheartit (dot) com is where I find like, half my pictures. :P I <3 it completely.
Nail polish! Books! Seriously, it is the recipe for a GREAT holiday. :P
I like the idea of giving own book. It's way personal and kind of a 'hey, look, I like you enough to give you this. Be honored!'