Monday, December 13, 2010

Books are Famous

-looks down in shame-
-wonders if whining about debate and finals will make it better that I've totally been neglecting my blog-
-hands you cookies-


Ahem. Anyway. Moving on.
Guess what?
Seriously. Guess.
....You aren't guessing. Fine. Whatever. I suppose that's okay. I'll survive. More importantly, THIS came out last week.

(And because of debate, I was not able to start it until yesterday. I would like to point out that this is a sign of how much of my life debate eats away. I'm not just neglecting you, dear people. I'm neglecting shmexy vampire boy things. So...yeah. -hands over more cookies- )
Anyway. I would give a book review, but there are plenty of those. Plus, I've still got like, twenty pages left. Stupid teachers keep teaching and making me pay attention to things like molecular geometry instead of, you know, finishing the book.
There is something fascinating about this book. And no. It isn't just the shmexy boys or the pretty cover (mygodiwanttolooklikethaaaat.) It's the reaction people keep giving.
To this point, there have been four people that have grabbed book, petted book, read parts of book, asked me about book, and one that about had a break down when I tried to talk about it. (On the upside, it was really kind of funny.)
I have never seen that reaction to a movie. To a magazine. To a video game, even.
(Fine. Maybe I have. Shut up.)
(Oh, crap, don't shut up. I'm sorry. Come back.) (Here. Take this. Please?)
Seriously. It was the best thing ever. People I've never talked to, people I thought were stuck up or annoying, people who think I'm pretentious and spend too much time talking about debate (ahemiprobablydocoughahem) suddenly engaged in deep conversation about the hotness of Dimitri/Adrian, the prettiness of the cover, the love of Lissa, and holycrapohmygoodness, who will Rose chose? 
I find this wonderful. I find this fascinating.
I find it a sign that books are now the new cool accessory.
Well. Fine. Ipods might still win. Or puppies.
Puppies might win. Or sparkly debate trophies. 
But personally, I would totally rather have the book.
(Okay. Fine. I want debate trophies too.) (And puppies.) 
But yeah.  The book is still best.


Abby Minard said...

Ooh, awesome trophy!! I haven't read this series, but man, with the gushing it's been getting lately with the last book, I'm going to have to pick it up asap! And thank you for the yummy bribes, I mean sweets- wish I could take them out of the computer and eat them. (or you could you know, send them to your favorite youngish-but-feels-oldish-mom type blogger *wink wink*)

Sam said...

-grins- That isn't actually mine, it's googles. Mine have girls with slinky dresses on, holding fire. It's very creepy, actually. :P
And YES. Read the series! The first is not the best, but, well, they get better. And there is AWESOMENESS inside of them. -nods-
I'm pretty sure you're still way young. Maggie and I just happen to be the babies of the blogger world. However, I shall gift candy.
Even if, um, it's imaginary.