Monday, March 21, 2011

Coming up

Okay, so it's spring break. This means barbecues, and trips to the park, and lots and lots of movies. It also means that I have become nocturnal and have spent several hours online. Beyond finding these --
--and realizing that Cinderella is showing at a local theater this summer (ZOMG I want to go so baddddd!!) I've also spent way too much time on Amazon. So, this is me, sharing me list of upcoming loves.
First up.
I love this cover. So much. Like, I know nothing about this book. The cover, plus the author, have me sold.
Plus this. It looks all stalkerly and awesome.
And this, because I love these books so much.
This too. Jace is my eternal love.

And finally, this. Holy crap. I want my cover to look like this someday. It's so freaking beautiful.

Okay, that's it for now. Well. It's like, half of the books I want, but I also realize that I have a tendency to ramble forever, and so I'm being nice. See? Manners!
....Yeah. I know.
Anyway. I'll have a review up later. Until then, ciao! Stay awesome.


Broken Angel said...

Hahaha, well it's not spring break for me. :( School *cries* I love the Wings series! It's a cute read. :D I can't wait until Illusions comes out~

Abby Minard said...

Ooh, those covers are pretty! Great choices! Have fun on Spring Break!

Sam said...

Broken Angel: Yeah, we're back to school too. Bleck. Wings really is cute though--I love the new cover so much, too.

Abby: Thanks! It ended up being a blast. And I know! I had cover love.

Aspen said...

GAH. THOSE SHOOOOOOOOOES! AND THE BOOOOKS!!! You make my life so pretty ^^

But seriously, THOSE SHOES!

Dorothy's red ruby shoes mixed with Alice in Wonderland, can it get any better?

But I bought shoes in London that are very much Alice in Wonderland though, have to show you a pic soon^^