Friday, March 18, 2011

Help for Japan

Everyone knows what happened in Japan. It’s been a week. A week of hell for that country, a week of fear for the world, a week of misery for those people affected.
When it comes down to it, Japan needs our help. Our hopes, our prayers, our wishes — heck, even just our time. 
Every little bit we do helps. Here — — a bunch of authors have gotten together to hold an auction, trying to help Japan. Not only does this stuff end up being really, really cool, but it’s for such a good cause.
I have a friend who lives in Japan. She's been talking about it on facebook. It's scary, she says. Terrible and horrid, and as if the world is ending. I ... can't even imagine. 
The pain in the world is real. It’s more real than our petty drama or slight injustices. Than any boy drama or high school nuance or really, anything that most of us face. And anything we can do can make the real pain easier to deal with, even if it's not much. Heck -- we can't do anything much. But there's strength in solidarity. Strength in banding together. 
And anything helps.
More later.

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