Sunday, March 13, 2011

Full Steam Ahead

Well, debate isn't over. I just qualified to Nationals.

That's a pretty accurate representation of how I felt -- for about, oh, an hour. And then the feeling of doom hit. 
There's stupid drama going on, because it's high school. My grades are not as good as normal. Nationals is going to be way hard. And all of a sudden, my mood dropped.
But I just got something I've wanted for two years, and something I've tried really, really hard for. So, I vote screw Chemistry and move past the drama, and go pet the pretty trophy.
It happens with writing, too. You work really hard; sometimes, you finish a novel, or you write a difficult scene, and it still doesn't feel good enough. We forget how hard we've worked and get too caught up in what's coming next -- until, well, we don't actually enjoy what we just achieved.
And gosh dangit, I am not doing that this time. I've worked way, way too hard to let anything poison the sparkly thing sitting in my kitchen, or the fact that I get to go to Dallas this summer with my team. And you've worked way too hard on your novel to get caught up in dreading writing the sequel -- or really, however this applies to you.
Full steam ahead. But only after we lolly-gag awhile and relish what we've done. Otherwise, what's the point?

I wanted a picture of a steam engine, but this is the Hogwarts Express. Really, I don't care that it doesn't fit perfectly. Life always needs more Harry Potter.
Anyway. Rant done. I'm going to go play with one of my stories now -- or I could -- WAIT HOLY CRAP. I'm on spring break.
I can actually read!
More later. If I ever get my nose out of the stack of books that Chem has been stealing away.


GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Congrats on Nationals! You're going to do awesome! And I agree-life always needs more Harry Potter. :)

Sam said...

Thanks, Sarah. :P And now I can go to all the meetings!!
I want Harry Potter always. I should just keep the 7th in my purse.

Broken Angel said...

Congratulations on Nationals!

Sam said...


The Almighty Maggie said...


hip hoorah!

i was too lazy to sign in.

Sam said...

Maggie, I'm pretty sure I died laughing when I got the email notifying me of that comment. Just so you know.
And thanks. :P