Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Because, you know, I have a thing for lying

Yeah. I lie a lot in this blog, apparently.
Well, I was tagged by Cipherqueen to tell ten truths about myself (as opposed to my usual drivel) and tag three other people…
So. Hmm. Ten interesting-ish, true things about me.

1) I'm a political buff. I know. -Hangs head in shame.- It's so not writerly, but I like politics and government and such. It's interesting. Also interesting; pictures of the Obama's dog. I don't know why, but Bo fascinates me.

2) I'm a procrastinator. Bad. Even now, my English paper is sitting in front of me, sadly untouched from editing. Instead, I blog.

3) I generally don't tell people in my personal life that I write. For one thing, the almost ALWAYS response is --Oh. Yeah, I wrote a book once. But I couldn't get past the first page. You should help me.- and that's annoying. Second, no one really gets to whole 'writing' thing in high school. It's just easier to keep quiet, generally.

4) I always have a book on me, however, so people tend to get the whole 'you like English' idea.

5) I have a verrrryyy low tolerance for stupidity. I tend to be one of the horrible bratty girls that rolls their eyes at dumb comments (I don't mean like genuinely unaware. I mean ignorance) and follows up with a sarcastic comment.

6) I'm also one of those annoying people who prides themselves on being intelligent. It ties in with 5. I probably am a lot dumber than I think. It comes from two years in debate--to survive, you HAVE to believe that not only can you succeed, but anything less than success is absolute zero.

7) However, I don't really pride myself on appearance. I like to look better than my bloodhound, sure, but I'm not girly enough to do perfect makeup or hair. So...yeah.

8) My two favorite shows? Ahem. Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. -hangs head in shame again- This is really not helping me with the whole 'intelligent' thing, huh?

9) Ummmm. I'm running out of truths about myself. This is hard. For like, the last year, I've been harassing my mom to take me to California, off and on. Why? Well, partly, I'd like to see some friends, but also partly? I miss good seafood.

10) There are four book series I read so often as a child that the covers either fell off or dangerously cracked. Which ones? Well, the first few Harry Potters (this was before I knew to be nice to books), the Squire Kel books by Tamora Pierce, the first few Circle books by Tamora Pierce, and then Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wynne Jones.

Hmm. I'm not very interesting. Sad, for such an intelligence snob, huh?
Well, I tag Maggie, Maddie, and Aspen.
Go, go, go!


gina said...

love vampire diaries and good seafood! and yeah people in high school never get the whole writing thing. You have to find the right people.

Maggie said...

Books! Writing! California! More books! :D

(I acknowledge your tag. Post is...posted.)
(Did you know Adam Lambert's on American Idol right now? Because he is.)

Sam said...

Gina: Vampire Diaries is just awesome. :P So is seafood, but you can't get that in Missouri, sadly.
I have a few close friends who know about the writing. I don't mind telling people, I just don't like explaining.
Maggie: Good to be acknowledged. :P Adam Lambert is my love, minus the whole, you know, gay thing. Of course I know. Do you take me as an amateur?
Lol. It's taping for worship later.

cipherqueen said...

Ditto on 7 and 10. I love those authors...

On the whole school thing: my English teacher actually mentioned me-- in class-- as one of the only people that could sit down and just write a novel. FINALLY! I AM TAKEN SERIOUSLY!

Eh, then my friend just kinda blinked and asked for help on writing her sonnet assignment. Which, of course, I fail at. -_- *hangs head in shame with you*

Bish Denham said...

Were I a teen (again?) I would identify with many of the things you said. Inotherwords I was reminded of myself as I read your post. I just read different books!

Aspen said...

You left a comment? Hmmm. I haven't been getting any comments lately, blame blogger?

And no, we don't have prom here. I know, Iceland sucks.

Anyway, I could almost agree to everything you said in this blog! My list is up... plus a little extra revealing. Kind of freaked out about revealing my crazy inner-organizer, but not like there's a whole bunch of people reading it anyway.

Maddie said...

I have now posted! And I agree with your list and know you very well! :) Let's see if you know me or if I can still surprise ya;)