Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not my usual

Nonfiction is something I generally am not fond of. In fact, if I'm being brutally honest, it's pretty much synonymous with 'not fun.' Granted, I've read a couple nonfiction books that I've liked, and granted, there is something to be said about a book that you truly get 'read world experience' from.
But come on.
No hot guys? No snarky dialogue? No sparkly magic?
Not worth my time.
Yeah. Wrong.
In fact, just to prove me how wrong I was, along came this book.
Not just nonfiction, but almost a mini text book. However, I love history, and I'm a fan of controversy, so I figured I'd give it a go.
Well, here I am. It's a little past midnight. I tried to go to sleep an hour ago, but guess what?
(Stupid in the best way.)
It is SO interesting. An Indian tribe that was matriarchal, and sustained for hundreds of years through peace? Awesome! (Until, you know, we killed them.) The slavery patterns in Africa as opposed to those in America? So intriguing. (In case you're wondering, we were ten jillion times worse.) Oppression by tyranny from England? Well, sure, I've read dozens of books and sat through a couple of classes, but it was way more interesting in this book.
I've always loved history. However, there always seems like you're missing something in the text books. You miss the human element.
This book has that.
Just to show you how much I love it, there's this little fact; I'm only a hundred pages in and already blogging about my love for it. (Insert quiet groan. Yes, it took almost two and a half hours to read that much. I'm not used to putting so much cohesive thought into reading.)
(Insert another groan here. I just realized how dumb that made me sound.)
Well, the clock just chimed 12:45 and I have a Spanish test in the morning. Plus, you know, I think I might be getting stupider the longer I drag this post out.
So, I'm going off to read some more.
I mean--um. Yeah. Sleep, like a good little girl.
G'night, all, and I hope you had a good Easter.


Kendra Logan said...

Ooh, sounds like I'd like that book, too! Really interesting!


cipherqueen said...

Whatever floats your boat, I guess... I mean, I can't expect everyone to read the 600 page CODES, CIPHERS, AND OTHER FORMS OF CLANDESTINE COMMUNICATION in one night, or become engrossed in all the unsolved ciphers and invisible inks... *drifts off*

Sadly, though, I have HW too.

Maggie said...

I listen to what you tell me about it, and it sounds really interesting. It does. I mean it.

But then I see the words 'mini textbook' and my thoughts instantly start drifting. While you read history and get smart, I shall read about magic and cute book boys and get... not smart. Lookie--it's already working. :P

Aspen said...

I totally understand you. My Literary History textbook is (thankfully) really interesting.