Sunday, April 18, 2010

Construction Notice

So, as much as I love the spring background, it was hard to read. So, I'm trying to find a new one. That's proving kind of difficult, so here it is; a construction notice. The blog will might be changing some the next few days. Hey, if you see something you like, go ahead and tell me. I'm just going for readability.
Well, that's a lame post. So, let's see. What to talk about...
Nope. I got nothing. State wide testing just finished, and my brain is fried. My sister, a friend and I just got back from watching the dragon movie of epic awesomeness for the second time--
(The Last Song was way too late, otherwise we would have gone and saw that.)
Oh, wait, that's not a picture of the movie. That's just a picture of Liam Hensworth. My bad.
...No offense, Miley, but I liked it better when you weren't there.
On the book front, there's this;
I can't remember if I blogged about it or not. Hmm. Well, if I haven't, I would like to take this moment to say how much I loved it. It was sweet and funny and fluffy, and sometimes you just need a sweet, funny, fluffy book. I think I cried at one point, too. Basically, it's like a detox in a book.
I really, really recommend this one.
What else...
Well, on last week's Gossip Girl....

No. I won't subject you to my shallow television habits.
I'm going to take this time to bow out and go read my latest acquisition--
Thank goodness for book loving mothers. :P

(And, as a side note, Gossip Girl really did tick me off last week. I mean, come on. Seriously?)


Amanda said...

Hiya! I read your story on inkpop--its awesome! Anyway, I was just wanting to say that the girl on gossip girl with the really pale blonde hair-jenny humfrey-she really looks like Ash!

Maggie said...

Sigh. I love HtTYD. Have I mentioned I want a dragon? Because I do. Really bad. Sigh.

Oh dear. That's a nice picture you got there. Hehe. But you had to go ruining it with Miley. Stupid Miley. Stupid cute boys that like Miley. -mutters and rants-

Yay, you mentioned the book! I loved that book. I still think you should borrow Before I Fall. I'll bring it tomorrow if you'd like.

And finally. GG made me mad too. They can't just ruin everything they set up! Not after taking so long to get there! UGH.

Ok. I'm gonna go now. Farewell, m'dear friend.
*does that swirly hand thing and bows*

Oh. Wait, I'm a girl.

That doesn't seem right either.
*jumps up and down and waves arms all crazy-like*

There. That's much better.
(hehe, bye.)

WAIT! (Ps, Amanda totally made me smile. She envisioned correctly! Yay! And this is now insanely long... I'll leave now.)

Maggie said...

Dude. Seriously, that's way long. ^^^ Sorry 'bout that.
*hangs head in shame*

Sam said...

Amanda; Thank you! and yes. Yes, she does. :P
Maggie: I WANT A DRAGON. Miley is too pretty for her own good. So is he. Sigh. Boys like that don't live in -entersmalltownnamehere-
I love that book. I really need to give it back to you. Ahem. I would like that, though, btw.
Why can't you do the swirly hand thing? Oh, the bow. I bow. I curtsy, too. Then I dance and jump around.
And it made me smile too.
And I like long comments. :P

Aspen said...

Ok first of all: Miley isn't pretty at all. The only reason we even know her name is because of her dad. And don't even get me started on her "name"... her real name's Destiny Hope, and she chooses to be called MILEY?! ugh...

And watching Gossip Girl isn't called being shallow... it's called being a healthy female! ;D I know, last week's episode pissed me off too, but HELLO, it's C&B, they aren't built to last... without breaks that is. And they were getting kind of boring as the 'holding-hands and going to the theater' couple (like I think Blair mentioned at the beginning of season 3 or something like that?) there has to be drama, I know we don't like it, but it will be sooooo much more satisfying than Belgian chocolates and French pantyhose (or whatever it was) the next time they get together!

Anywhooo this could get much longer so I'm just gonna stop now. Bye.

cipherqueen said...

Good choice. (for the new background) (BTW, if you ever need a favor, I'm here, so don't feel weird or anything- I knock on my neighbors doors, I send randow emails. It's all the same to m, and you've already done a lot. Mucho gracias.) *Alright, so my Spanish sucks...*

Ahem. As I was saying. Your taste in books is exceptional. But, ah, when it comes to shirtless guys I have a virgin mind... so excuse me if I flip over the images so my mom doesn't freak out. -.o

Sam said...

Aspen; Eh, I think she's pretty. Gossip Girl, on the other hand, is mildly epic. :P I've been watching it for a long time now. I liked Chuck and Blair, though! It makes me sad that they aren't together anymore.
Oh god. A fictional relationship makes me sad. That is true sadness, right there.
Cipherqueen; hehe, don't worry. I will harrass you if I need something. I might be soon--the siren cover thing is harder than I thought.
Also, as for the shirtless You make me feel like a dirty old woman. That would be bad, though.

Aspen said...

Well, if becoming sad over a fictional relationship makes me a sad person, I like being sad. A sad person that is. Wow, that was a complicated sentence. Whatever, hope you understood me.

I mean, I felt grumpy the whole time Hermione and Ron were having their little bitchy-snappy-period and were too stubborn to admit their feelings for each other, didn't you?

OK, I see your point. I take that obnoxiously complicated sentence back. That is truly sad that words on paper actually affected my psychological state for an unidentified period of time.

Or maybe it's just a sign of the author's brilliance?

Michelle said...

That's actually a picture of Charlie Hunnam not Liam. No worries though, they're both pretty hot. ;D

And I really loved The Summer I Turned Pretty also.

Sam said...

Aspen: Well, books are different. :P I mean, they're inside your head. Hermione and Ron are amazing.
Michelle: .... -facepalm- .... Thank you for pointing that out. I'll go and change that now.
That books was very cute. :P

cipherqueen said...

Supremely happy with my blog design right now. I might actually leave it alone (*gasp*) for more than a month this time...