Saturday, April 3, 2010

Well. . .

I'm not really sure how to put this. I've been spazzing about inkpop for about a month now. I really, really wanted Altered to make it into the top five so that it could go to editors at Harper Collins.
And . . .
It did.
I'm really, really excited about that. I mean, come on. How many fifteen year olds get their stories read by editors? Editors of one of the top publishing companies in the country?
Seriously. How cool is that??
I figured I should say thank you to a few people. (Oh, yes, I know, how pretentious. But hey, let me have my moment. (: )
Thank you, Sarah, for showing me the site. Thank you, Aspen, for being so nice and supportive. Thank you, Cipherqueen, for being a very awesome cyber cheerleader, and for everything else. And thank you Maggie, because I never would have had the guts to post the first few chapters online if it weren't for you. Oh, and because, you know, you're my emotional pillow.
And now, because I'm feeling mildly awkward of a post celebrating my so called success, I am going back to my comfort zone.
Hellllllo, Comfort Zone.


cipherqueen said...

YAY! Congrats and a well deserved win! And thanks for the kind words. ;D My mom actually called my writing fantastic today (you know, after giving me a three hour lecture on why mystery stories will always be hot sellers). She only read a few segments, but I'm finally not wasting my time in her eyes!

Now go celebrate, girl!

Maggie said...

Well don't I feel special? :D
Thanks for the words. Although I feel like I more bullied you to post them on the site. And that I complain to you more than you ever have to me. But whatever; I totally don't mind with sticking with the way you put it. :P

Oh my. My comfort zone looks the exact same. Except that I'm in his arms and--ahem. Nevermind...

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I am sooo excited for you! You have to keep my posted on everything and what happens from here. I kept checking the site and I was so happy to see your story made it. YAY!

Aspen said...

This is all so very very awesome! I'm so excited for you! And yes you have to keep us posted on EVERYTHING that happens! You are totally allowed a post to celebrate.

And thank you for the kind words =D I was truly flattered to be mentioned in your blog haha =D

Can't WAIT to see what's going to happen with your story!

elsmyth said...

Congrats!! I read Altered a while ago and instantly knew it would get to the top. There's no shame in celebrating - you totally deserve it. :)

P.S. I just drooled a little. Okay, a lot. I would love to have *that* as my comfort zone.

Sam said...

Cipherqueen: Your writing is fantastic. Duh. But thank you, seriously.
Maggie: Hey, bullying works. -ahem- Not that I advicate it, but when it turned into -Sam. Shut up and just finish the dang thing- it got more results.
--I hope you realize that your comfort zone cracked me up to no end.
Sarah-Hehe, thanks. I'll keep everyone posted, for sure.
Aspen: You can't wait? I AM SO NERVOUS.
Elsymth: -drool- Yes, he is very pretty.
Thank you. :P I'm glad you liked it. It's been over half a month and I still can't believe it.