Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Thank you Cipherqueen! Now, as the condition of receiving this award, I need to link to as many awesome people as I can think of, regardless of whether or not I think they'll repost or if they've gotten it before. This is just people who I think are awesome--because everyone needs to be reminded that every once in a while.
Here we go.

I award this to Maggie, Maddie, Aspen, Bish Denham, Kendra, Holly Schindler (A BLUE SO DARK IS OFFICIALLY OUT AND GETTING AWESOME REVIEWS!! WOOT!), Myra McEntire, Hilary Wagner (Cipherqueen, I know you tagged her. But she has her cover and her ARC's and RICK RIORDAN REVIEW-HOW AWESOME IS THAT? So yes. I'm re-issuing her awesomeness) and GreenBeanTeenQueen.
I feel as if I'm missing people. Several people.
If I am, comment. I will put you in. Please don't take offense--I'm strapped for time.
Anyway. Someone else awesome, who does not have a blog--
Mi madre. :P It's my mom's birthday today, and she is very awesome. -nods- This is me telling her that. She also bought the aforementioned new Rick Riordan book, which, too, is awesome. Plus she gave me her taste and music and almost gave me her birthday. That deserves something, at least.
More later. Actually, book review later, because stupid Maggie gave me a stupid book of awesome and I want more and I need to rant about that.
So, bye for now. :P


Kendra Logan said...



Aspen said...

Thank you Sam! =D My first award, and you and Cipherqueen both tagged me ;D So fun! Anyway, like I told Cipherqueen, I'm new to all this so I don't really know what's allowed but I tagged you right back because you're awesome and stumbling onto your blog was the reason I even started mine =D

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

SAM = Super cool girl! Thanks, girlie! I wanted the awesomesauce award and so glad to get it at the same time as you!!!!

xoxo -- Hilary

Maggie said...

Aw, thanks Sam. :]

OMGOSH WASN'T IT AMAZING? I told you it would be.
That book = my heart.

Also, tell your mom I said happy late birthday!

Bish Denham said...

Oh, thank you so much Sam! You are the second person to give me this award!