Sunday, May 16, 2010

Class of 2010
That book?
It made me cry. A lot.
The Sky is Everywhere, in essence, is about a girl who loses her sister.
As someone who generally is pretty fond of her sister, this book sent me into a nasty little spiral of depression.
However. It was very good.
It did get me thinking though.
Yes, I hear the groans. Don't worry, it's not that bad.
The book just got me thinking about my own sister. As of today, my own sister is graduated from high school.
In the book, the MC has to deal with the fact that she's now alone. Her older sister is gone. Now, my sister is still alive, obviously, and she's only going to college a few hours away.
But still.
Like in the book, 'the girls' or 'the kids' or even 'you guys' aren't the same anymore. Not in my family. My entire life, our names have been tacked together.
But now she's going to college.
"Will one of you do the dishes?"
"Does one of the kids one this?"
"Are the girls going together?"
That . . . isn't going to happen anymore.
When there's a bratty waitress, I'm going to have to deal with her. When I go to the movies, I'll be driving myself. If the dogs need to be let out, I'll do it. If I can't find my key, I'll be ringing the doorbell.
And that is scary.
Don't get me wrong. My sister drives me insane most of the time. She can't keep her hands to herself, my eyeliner mysteriously goes missing every time she steps into my bathroom, and she has a really annoying habit of canceling my favorite television shows. Often, I've considered calling the circus and asking if they'd take her away.
But I'm still going to miss her.
And it was still really weird to watch her walk onto a stage--a stage that people kept calling 'the next step in life' and 'the last place we'll all be together'--and then pick up a diploma.
She's never seemed that much older than me. We're only a couple years apart. If she's old enough for a diploma, then that means I'm almost there too.
My Peter Pan syndrome does not approve.
However, the fact that she spent the car ride home poking me and knotting my hair?
Yeah, that helped remedy the problem.
Congratulations, Class of 2010.


Aspen said...

sweet post - makes me wish I had a sister!

Aspen said...

Hi, I THINK I stumbled onto your facebook... so don't panic if someone with a name with lots of funny letters adds you on facebook =)

Sam said...

Haha, yeah, it is me. I wondered if that was you. :P