Friday, May 21, 2010

The wonderful world of SUMMER

It's shiny.
It's pretty.
School is out here in the Middle of Nowhere.
So to this last year, I have this to say:
You have kicked my butt. I have glared at, cried over, and often beat against the wall, dozens of homework assignments. I have decided time and time again that people are annoying, and then decided minutes later that I love them anyway.
So, basically, School Year...You have not defeated me. Yes, you made me tired. Yes, I felt as if you might not end. But you are done. And now, I have three months to WRITE, READ, and SLEEP.
(Ahem. Because, you know, I did none of that during the year. None at all. As proof of this blog's rambles about writing and reading.)
Basically, I have three months to catch up on sleep.
However, Summer also means SUMMER BOOKS.
To me, Summer is the best time to read. Why? Well, if your friend catches you with a particularly fluffy looking book in your purse, it's no big deal. Now, the same friend would, in Winter, compare my fluffy novel to her Hemingway, and I might perhaps be a bit cowed. If that happened in summer, though, I would just laugh.
Because it's SUMMER. Things are just looser.
Of course, that doesn't mean the books are ALL fluff. I read both, always. However, at school, often I tend to go to the more serious stuff if only because teachers looooove to comment on whatever novel is sitting on your desk. Let's just say that goes better if you're reading something kind of deep as opposed to one about vampires.

Books that are on my summer list so far:

Sing Me To Sleep (the book on the right) caught my eye at Borders. It's beautiful

and it's shiny and that is a very good quality of a Summer Book.

Then there's this book below. Isn't it pretty? I want to read more Deb Caletti.
All of her books just look so good, and I've actually never read any of them.
This is a wrong that must be corrected this summer.
-nods solemnly-

Then, there are the summer classics. Meg Cabot, Melissa Walker, and, of course, Harry Potter.
But then, Harry Potter really is more of a 'Yes. Now. Whenever.' kind of book.
This book below is a tad more hard core than I'd like for Summer Books, but I think I'll check it out.
It was recommended for Gossip Girl fans. Now, after the season finale of Gossip Girl, in which SOMETHING AWFUL happened to one of the best characters--
--I'm not sure I can be a fan anymore.
But for old time's sake, I'll probably check out the book.
This one is more Summer like, though:
It's about a girl who eats like Cavemen for a science project.
I love this kind of book. :P
And then this one, because it reminds me of Tamora Pierce's Alanna books and because I got to read about the cover on Melissa Walker's blog:

It looks so good!
Farewell, 10th grade. I loved you. I hated you. You saw Altered finished. You saw me in braces, and then without them. You watched the drama of high school, watched me melt down, and then watched me just get over it and keep on moving. You saw this blog start, and now, you've seen it with more followers than I would have guessed. I will miss you, and yet, at the same time, I am soooo glad you are over.
I'm off to finish the edits on Altered (I've cut two characters, as per the Harper Collins review. I've added more to the remaining characters. It's actually really fun, editing off of their advice. It's also going freakishly fast.)
Summer has officially begun.


Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Sam, you say farewell so eloquently! I just would have said, "Smell ya later!" :)

You are going to have a great summer!!! I know it!

xoxo -- Hilary

Maggie said...

Wow, Sam. Each time you say goodbye to something, you make me feel shallow and like a sixteen year old. That is not fair because I'M OLDER THAN YOU. *mutters*

I seriously want all of those books. I actually have them on my to-read list. Except for the last one... I haven't seen that one before, but it's very pretty. And I have two Deb Caletti books, if you'd like to borrow them. I haven't read Wild Roses though.

I think it's obvious that I like upsetting your commenters with my rambles, so I'm just going to continue. It's true about the fluffy books during Winter, and especially about the teacher thing. But don't worry, you can read any type of book any time; I will not make fun. I'm particularly fond of fluff lately.

-insert me dying because I have SUMMER SCHOOL GAH-

Aspen said...

don't you just love that feeling? =D

good luck with edits =D

cipherqueen said...

Finally! Sounds like you've had a heck of a year!

And as to not writing, same here. End-of-the-year projects.


"When summer comes, when summer comes..."

In the meantime, my brain's throwing a cartoon-like short story/novella at me involing a fae in dynastic wars.

Meaning, "Let's all see how we can our siblings to take it!"

*cough* I'm actually enjoying it, even though I have no time to write... :(. The fae prince is so hilarious, too! It'll wait, I guess...

cipherqueen said...

-Sorry, didn't take the hint. You're IN SUMMER!-

*runs off to weep and stare at overflowing backpack*