Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some girls

Some girls....
Spend all night talking about boys.
Oh wait, we did that.
Well. Some girls....They watch bad television until dawn.
Well. SOME GIRLS play with makeup all night.
HAH. We didn't do that.
(Except...Now I wish we had.)
Anyway. Maggie and I had a lovely sleep over last night. A Sleepover of Awesome. Why?
Because I totally made her talk about books until six in the morning.
And because we watched six hours worth of Sailor Moon.
And because she discussed, at length, with me about the evils of High Pitched Sailor Moon voice and Annoying Tuxedo Mask who Doesn't Know He Loves Serena Yet.
And then it came down to our own stuff.
You know how we ramble about that story we're writing? No?
Oh. Ahem. Well, we're writing a story together. And we have been kind of stuck.

We were so professional. Seriously, so mature. I mean, you wouldn’t even BELIEVE just how mature this outline is. I mean, we even got into character development.


-nods sagely-

Two hours of deep, deep development. Example:

Me: Maybe then, they could kill that one dude, you know, the one with--

Maggie: But I like him.

Me: But I want to kill someone.

Maggie: Let’s kill that one chick. You know, with the hair.

Me: …Eh. Sure. –scribbles down ‘Chick with the hair is going down.’

This was one of the deeper conversations, of course, but all was rather intelligent.

And then we talked a little more about Sailor Moon.


And then George Washington decided he wanted to be a Sailor Scout. Oh, and our Ipods and Phones of awesome kind of joined in.


Do you see our dear First President Extraordinaire?

He’s off in the corner. By Sailor Moon’s head, and the purple Ipod. Yes. He does now have red hair. He transforms into a Sailor too.

I’m off to go stalk authors on Twitter.

Ahem. I meant, off to go fine tune the fantastical pretty outline.


gina said...

This post made me laugh :) good luck with the outline!

Aspen said...

awesome! sounds so fun! pretty pretty outline =)

Sam said...

Gine: :P I'm glad. It was more just goofing around, but it was fun.
Aspen: It was fun. And the outline really is only pretty where Maggie wrote. Personally, I have hand writing like...well, a ten year old boy.

Maggie said...

I'm behind on commenting; forgive me!

YAY!! I love our pretty outline. I've felt so accomplished since we wrote it. Which is sad, because that was like, two days ago. It lingers though, and I don't think you should make fun of me. *runs away crying* *trips* *gahh*

DUDE. Last night or the night before or whatever night it was, I tried making my post and Blogger went all I HATE YOU, YOU SHALL NOT SAVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL POST THAT YOU PAINSTAKINGLY WORKED ALL OF TWENTY MINUTES ON. And I was like DIEEEE.

So yeah. I'm in "Rocklahoma" this weekend so I can't post and now I feel like a terrible friend/writing partner. Sadness. :(

(Also, my handwriting is not pretty. And yours is not like a ten year old boy. I would know. I have the brother to prove it. It is very beeyooteefull!)

cipherqueen said...

xD Needed that with school still mowing on.

My handwriting is readable... until I drift off into runic script. Then I just get frustrated from erasing and rewriting chemistry Hw...

cipherqueen said...

Some girls...

prepare for prom 2 years in advance.

*hangs head in shame*

(Just finished making earrings for non-peirced ears. I only had one pair of hooks, so I hope it lasts- or at least stay on!)

(They are a fantastic mix of purple and blue leaves...)

And here I thought I was over the jewelry hobby...

Sam said...

Maggie: Forgiven, I suppose.
I shan't mock you. We should, you know, actually work on the story, though. :P
At least you are back from Oklahoma. Though that actually didn't sound too horrid...Rock and roll and Logan Lerman. :P
Cipherqueen: Yeah, my handwriting sucks. -hangs head in shame-
Earrings are amazing.
So is planning for prom. Well. Our school really doesn't DO prom, so...yeah. It's not all that exciting. It's just a dance. -shrugs-