Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

16 has always seemed like some kind of mystical age to me. When I was younger, it was the age of magic. It's the time when you are supposed to be beautiful, mature, and quite possibly be dating some kind of mythical creature. It's the time when everything changes.
I'm not sure I believe that anymore, but regardless, tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday
I was going to post then, but I probably will be busy, so I'm doing it now.
Actually, I'm not sure what to say. Normally, I love birthdays. I count down to them for months. I wait and wait for them to arrive. This year, though, it's a tad different. Part of that, I think, is because 15 was a pretty good year by itself.
In the past year, I:
Finished Altered.
Sent out queries and got some responses, both good and bad--and have learned so much.
Started sophomore year and survived.
Got to talk to almost a dozen different authors online.
Got to talk to Holly Schindler in person.
Scored a Harper Collins review by getting Altered to the top five on Inkpop.
Have learned at the same time that getting an A- in English is not panic attack worthy--it just means I need to work a little harder.
Brought home several pretty trophies.
Started this blog.
And that's not even including the fun social stuff. :P All in all, even with school sometimes feeling like it's going to swallow me alive, this has been a pretty good year.
Plus, yesterday, I got this.
DSCN0570.jpg picture by Sammi207
Isn't it pretty? Notice the butterfly seats. That would be courtesy of my sister and her friend. My dad is so thrilled that we so quickly girl-i-fied it.
Anyway, though, that's it for now, because it's my birthday and I want to go celebrate. Love!


Maggie said...

(Pst! Did you forget to add the picture of what you got? Because nothing's loading...)

Yay! YOU'RE GONNA BE 16! Hehe, this makes me happy. I hope you had fun at your party last night. :)

Sam said...

Maggie, you are a freaking ninja. I posted it and then it wouldn't load and I went back and fixed it.
Yes, I did have fun. When I wasn't stressed out of my mind. :P Kalub kept calming me down. :P AND OMG I WILL HAVE A LISCENCE.
Sigh. I love my car.

Maggie said...

Oh, I see it now! *drools* Carrrrrrrrr.....

Bahah, I am a ninja. *does some fancy ninja move* *falls on face*

Kalub was weirdly cheerful last night. Or maybe I just don't talk to him enough and he just seemed cheerful. I'm sorry you were stressed though :(

I love your car too. *drools again* Carrrrrrrrr.....

Bish Denham said...

Happy Birthday. 16...not yet an adult, no longer quite a child.

Kendra Logan said...

Your expectations of being sixteen are exactly the same as mine were :D I imagined myself as beautiful, popular, mature and smart with a boyfriend. But now I'm sixteen and, well...XD Not there yet.


cipherqueen said...

Yes! Car! It'll be the best day ev-ah if that's your present. ;D E-gift coming your way tomorrow.

Sam said...

Maggie: Kalub pretty much saved me. Every time I went into panic mode, he would be like 'Here. Let me tell you this one story about my brother.' or 'Hey, let's go dance.' or 'Go get some air, Sam, before you kill yourself.'
I also love my car. -nods-
Kendra: Sigh. It will happen. :P As it is, since sixteen comes with cars, that's awfully nice.
Cipherqueen: ISN'T IS COOL? Lol, I was so freaking ecstatic.

Melissa Walker said...

Ooh, happy late birthday!!

(And I totally agree with you about Jenny Han's SUMMER books... swoon worthy!)

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Sam, happy belated birthday! Your car is awesome--and love the butterflies! So happy for you! Now, NO texting while driving, little Missy! Don't make me send my rats your way! ;)

Have fun!!!!

xoxo -- Hilary

elsmyth said...

Happy belated birthday! Yeah, like two weeks late, bleh. But I love your car, 'tis pretty.

Aspen said...

OMG I can't believe I managed to miss this post?!?!

YOU GOT A CAR!!!!!??????????

You spoiled bastard! -_-


Kind of though, I have had two cars since I got my license (17 over here) and I've spent a FORTUNE on them and they were never half as pretty or new as your car is.


My first car was a 1997 red two-door VW Polo literally falling apart, ALL the time, despite all the money I spent on fixing it. My new car, a 2001 station Daewoo Nubira (cuz of the dogs) is also very problem-prone, and well, just plain ugly.

So you just like, got a brand new car? And are allowed to drive it as much as you want? And like, your parents aren't like freaking out that you'll crash it? I didn't even get my first car until eight months after I got my license, because my parents wouldn't let me! =(

Lucky b*tch =D