Monday, June 21, 2010

Artistic Inspiration

I like pictures. I can't draw and when we did origami in seventh grade, I pretty much failed.
No. I'm not joking. I can't even fold little paper cranes. It's not my fault; personally, I blame genetics. (Though my sister is an amazing artist . . .)
Well. Fine. But anyway, I like pictures. Natalie Whipple did a picture post about inspiration and pictures that helped her writing. I'm not quite up to a book review but I adore pictures. I also am suspecting you might be tired of hearing me ramble. So now I'm rambling with pictures. And this is pretty much the end of my incessant cyber babble.
My inspiration for my WIP.
deercabin.jpg Cabin in the Woods image by brokencowboy_photod856ece7.jpg bow and arrow image by japarisi

sayings-2.png lightening image by darianbabe3
FRIENDS-2.jpg friends image by SLumy

Okay, I'm done.
Well, almost. This really isn't all that 
symbolic or inspirational, but hey. He's pretty.
jace1.jpg image by sarahalmodiel
More later. And hey, next time, there might be, like, relevance!


Aspen said...

what are you currently working on? =)

Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Wow, I've never used pictures as an inspiration for a story--never! And I am an artist, maybe that's why! I make up the pictures in my head!

Sam, I love the contrast between the 1st picture of the girl in the dress and the backside kicking picture of the girl with bow and arrow! Now that's a story I want to read!

xoxo -- Hilary

Sam said...

Aspen: Oh, god. I call it Evil Ugly. (Hence why I needed pictures to get all hyper and excited again.) It's hard to describe. I can send you the query I've drafted for it if you like. (Queries also help me focus.)
Hilary: Hehe. I actually really hadn't either until I saw Natalie do it, and I thought it was really cool. I figured I would try--and it helped! (Btw, I'm jealous of your artist-ness. I'm sooo artistically challenged.)
I love that too! :P Girl that can be feminine and then shoot an arrow--I much approve. :)

Steph said...

I like the picture about holding on. Story of my life.

I did the same thing with pictures to inspire me, I'll have to post them sometime. Do you ever find it hard to start writing, but easy to come up with a story? Pictures help you visualize, which is what I do best!

Sam said...

Steph: I like those too. ^_^ And yeah, that's similar to what I've been feeling. I know where I want to go with the story, but it just hasn't been working. I was so stuck, not because I didn't have the story, but because it wasn't fun to write. So, those helped.
You should post them! I love seeing other people's inspiration.

Maggie said...


And I see how they match together, the pictures and your story.

I feel like a ninja spy by knowing this. Ahem.

Cass said...

Hehe. I love photography, and while I'm pretty trashy at it, I have a massive collection saved in my computer & deviantart account.

Oh, and I forgot to mention in my other comment...I can't wait for the sequel to If I Stay!!! Hopefully the cover will have a similar air to it. :)