Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's talk about awesomeness

First, how about the weather? It is humid, sure, but SO nice. Just saying.
(Even if today, upon the invitation 'to go swimming' my friends decided they want to tan. Hello, dear friends, but as a redhead, I have like zero skin pigment. Just saying.)
Honestly, this is really the one way I should be outside.

Second, let's talk about this blog. Maggie showed it to me, and so even though she has dark skin pigment, I might accept her as a friend still.
(The blog is having an AMAZING contest right now. There's one for people who read, one for people who write, and one just for fun. The prizes? SO awesome. GO. Run. Fly, fly, fly!)
And then there's this awesomeness.

You have NO idea how much I want this book. I keep reading reviews, and I'm following Cassandra Clare on Twitter, and I WANT IT.
However, I do now own this book.

The author is hilarious on her blog, and it's about Evil Red Riding Hood, kind of, so that pretty much spells fantastic.
Only thing not awesome? I left so said friends to go the library...which I am now at, with chlorine hair, surfer shorts, and one of my dad's old tshirts.
And yes.
I do look just SO pretty.
-deep scathing sarcastic look entered here-
More later.


Anonymous said...

I saw that book and was torn if I should get it, let me know how it is!

And yes, the weather is simply uh-mazing lately! I've only passed through Missouri a couple times, I used to be in Texas.

Maggie said...

THE WEATHER IS HORRIBLE. You don't have to walk six hours in it. You get to go swimming and tanning. And I'm lookin' pretty white right now, so you can't hate me yet.

Yay for YAhighway! They is amazing.

Also you should let me borrow Sisters Red when you're finished. Because... I asked nicely. Actually it kind of came out as a demand. So yeah. I demand you. Heh. Also, Clockwork Angel IS SOMETHING I WANT REALLY BAD TOO.

I hurt. Goodbye.

Aspen said...


I want Clockwork Angel more though.


Wow. That felt good.

Anyway... the weather has even been good here in Iceland (there's probably something really bad going to happen pretty soon) but it's only been in the low 60's.

Oh and there's no link to the blog you were talking about... link plz?

Sam said...

Sara: I will! So far it's pretty awesome. I'm a sucker for fairy tale retellings. :P
Hah, well, we have humidity here. It is pretty nice though.
Maggie: Well. The weather is pretty nice if you aren't walking six hours a day in it.
And we've covered this. I don't tan. Just saying.
You can borrow it.
Aspen:I want it more too.
Sigh. Iceland sounds like the weather would be good, at least during the summer.
Fixed the link, btw. Sorry!

Marjorie said...

I laugh when I read the word, "awesome." It's the new "cool, daddy-o."